LOTI 127 : Mean Streets – Warlock

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  • Max McCall, a game designer at Blizzard, posted on the Hearthpwn forums a little peek behind the curtains this week.  Here are some of the highlights. (Max McCall)
    • Most cards in a set stop changing about two months before release.
    • There are two design teams that work on sets, the initial designers and the final designers.
    • The developers responsible for card sets work on multiple sets at the same time.
    • The setting, theme, mechanics, and deck archetype ideas of the set.
    • The names, art, and flavor for cards.
    • Make the set as fun as possible, balance the cards, and make sure each card belongs in the set in its current form.
    • Play. Testing. Lots of playing with the new cards.
    • Process takes 3-4 months.
    • The rest of the Hearthstone crew, which includes production, engineering, art, sound, and QA, work on the set.
    • Flyswatter: Bugs get crushed during this stage.
    • If there’s any tweaks they want to make to cards due to what the live game looks like or it’s related to a future set, they’ll make them here.
    • Process takes a couple of months.
    • Initial Design
    • Final Design
    • The Final Countdown
    • Reminder that there are still others on the HS team always working on Brawls, Fireside Gatherings, Adventures, New Systems, User Interface, & More

Interview in PC Gamer with Ben Brode had a few more interesting things: PC Gamer

  • They don’t want to announce a nerf too far out from it actually happening. If they would, people would feel bad losing against a card they know is going to get nerfed.
  • Ben Brode agrees that Small-Time Buccaneer is the problematic card in the Pirate package, not Patches the Pirate. If they decide to change something, it would be Small-Time Buccaneer.
  • They intentionally nerfed Molten Giant really hard because they didn’t want people to play that card anymore as it was hurting the ability for Standard to change.
  • Hypothetically, if they would ever decide to move Classic cards to Wild it would probably be cards like Ragnaros the Firelord because they limit the design space for their mana cost a lot and limit the ability for Standard feel more fresh.
  • Ben is not sure if he agrees with Brian Kibler that cheap weapons are a problem in general or if it’s only a problem with a few specific weapons.
  • The team was a bit disappointed that Shaman got even more popular after Karazhan, as that was not their intention.
  • For example, Spirit Claws was intended for a new type of Shaman deck, and not for the current Shaman decks at the time.
  • Ben worries about a big expansion concept / theme failing to land.
  • C’Thun was one of the most risky things they have ever done and it turned out perfect from a balance perspective.
  • Ben thinks the Grimy Goons mechanic will be used more in the future, once the meta slows down a bit.
  • They try to have a good balance in ‘obvious’ mechanics like Jade where you just put as much of them in your deck as you can, and cards that require a bit more deck building skill to utilize.

NetEase in China lost power which affected services to Hearthstone.  The power outage corrupted data and they had to revert to a backup that was 4 days old.  They compensated players with 1,000 gold and 15 packs.

Espo Mode

Spellbook Duel

“Choose your spellbook carefully, champion! Pick 10 cards, and anytime you would draw a card, you instead Discover a copy of a card from your deck.”

Mage (Espo)

Arcane Missiles, Arcane Explosion, Duplicate, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Arcane Intellect, Flamewaker, Frost Nova, Emperor Thaurissan, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Reno Jackson

Druid (Vastidious)

Astral Communion, Ragnaros, Reno Jackson, Kun the Forgotten King, Innervate, Dr. Boom, Kezan Mystic, Sylvanas, Gadgetzan Auctioneer (optional), Yogg-Saron (optional), Aviana (optional) and of course, Deathwing!


Mean Streets Warlock

Abyssal Enforcer – 7 mana, 6/6 Demon, Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to all other characters.


Crystalweaver – 4 mana, 5/4 minion, Battlecry: Give your Demons +1/+1

Blastcrystal Potion – 4 mana spell, Destroy a minion and one of your mana crystals.

Seadevil Stinger – 4 mana, 4/2 Murloc, Battlecry: The next Murloc you play this turn costs Health instead of Mana.


Bloodfury Potion – 3 mana spell, Give a minion +3 Attack. If it’s a Demon, also give it +3 Health.


Felfire Potion – 6 mana spell, Deal 5 damage to all characters.

Kabal Trafficker – 6 mana, 6/6 minion, At the end of your turn, add a random Demon to your hand.


Unlicensed Apothecary – 3 mana, 5/5 Demon. Whenever you summon a minion, deal 5 damage to your Hero.

Krul the Unshackled – 9 mana, 7/9 Demon, Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, summon all Demons from your hand.

Shaman next week

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