LOTI 126 : Mean Streets – Paladin

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  • Interview with Mike Donais at IGN
    • No plans right now for more cards like Reno
    • Jade Lotus –
      • Jade Golem mechanic was set in stone early on, Jade Idol playing out as expected and don’t expect more Jade Golem cards in the future.
      • But might see cards that improve them (like Brann Bronzebeard)
    • Grimy Goons –
      • Each class needed to be different even though using a similar mechanic (Paladins their hand, Warriors taunt minions and Hunters beasts).  
      • Wanted the obvious combo with hand-buffing so each class got one. GG Pali and Hunter aren’t very popular now, but might see boost with future sets.  
      • And by the end of testing, Paladin felts the most interesting to play since it had reliability and potential.
    • Kabal –
      • Originally it was all about spending your mana in a turn and getting a bonus for doing so.  It didn’t work out because you should be already spending your mana.  
      • Tried bonuses for not spending all your mana and that didn’t feel good.  
      • They tried mechanic of changing your mana into red crystals but didn’t like it.
        • Some cards would change your blue mana into red mana.
        • Cards could interact by gaining power based on the number of red mana available or spending the red mana.
        • One issue of red mana was that it didn’t work well on mobile.
        • It also didn’t feel cool enough.
        • Might look at this in the future.
      • Originally potions weren’t a thing in the Kabal. The team wanted to do more than just the Reno-effect Legendaries for the Kabal classes. They decided to rename the spells except one, to Potions.
      • Inkmaster Solia originally had the Kazakus effect.
    • Kazakus
      • Potions didn’t change much from early on.  Only two effects that were tested didn’t make it in.
        • There was a thoughtsteal effect
        • And something else.  (Mike couldn’t remember)
      • Wanted to capture different themes from each of the Kabal classes. The exception was the Armor potion, it was still good for those in desperation.
      • The Sheep effect was originally, 1-mana: Sheep a minion, 5-mana: Sheep 2, 10-mana; Sheep all minions.  It turned into what it is today.  The random sheep a minion for 1 mana didn’t feel good when it backfired.
    • Raza the Chained
      • Raza was a brand new idea that wasn’t something that they were sitting on.  It became a thing when they realized it would have the Reno restriction.  Priest needed help, so they made Raza the strongest of the Reno cards.
    • Inkmaster Solia
      • She was a 5-mana 5/5 early on but it was too good.
    • Krul the Unshackled
      • They didn’t want to simply make Reno better, they wanted to go in a different direction if you wanted to play Krul
    • Hunter
      • Mike thinks the class needs just more cool themes in order to succeed. They are normally good in the aggro meta, but slower than Pirates (which hurts)
    • Priest
      • Dragon Priest was made strong so that they could deliver on the fantasy before half the cards rotated out.
      • More “tricky” card will be seen going forward. (think Pint-sized potion and potion of madness)
      • Mike thinks that Priest may have the best shot at Reno decks in Standard once Reno rotates out, thanks to Kazakus and Raza.
    • Misc
      • Cards which make the game swing back and forth, such as board clears, large taunts, and large heals can be really fun. There may be room for more but they don’t want to overdo it.
      • Drakonid Operative was originally know as Investigator.  There was not a Dragon requirement on the Battlecry.
      • Cabal Leader was a 6 mana 4/8 Legendary.  At the end of your turn if you have unspent mana, fire an arcane missile for each unspent mana.
      • Dios was a 9 mana 12/13 Legendary Warlock minion.  Battlecry: If you have no remaining mana, shuffle two copies of this card into your deck.
      • End Bringer was an 8 mana 9/9 Legendary Warlock minion, later morphed into Krul. Battlecry: Discard your hand. Summon any demons you discarded.
      • Khajakus the Banished was a 7 mana 7/7 Legendary Kabal minion. Battlecry: If you have cast 10 unique spells this game, become Khajakus, Dragon form.
      • Sin-Sor was a 7 mana 4/4 Legendary Priest minion. Battlecry: Swap a random enemy minion with a friendly one.
      • Pang, the Unthinkable was a 8 mana 4/8 Legendary Mage minion. When your spells deal damage to enemy minions, this minion deals that much to the enemy hero.
  • Developer Insights last Friday – Ben Brode and Dean Ayala
    • Top 3 takeaways
      • Arena may change into a Standard format
      • Ranked is too grindy so new breakpoints, bonus stars, and win streaks past rank 5 could help with that.
      • If Pirates don’t lose some steam, the team will likely intervene.
    • New Player Experience
      • Most new players play against the AI, some play casual and a few go into ranked right away.
      • They’ve adjusted the matchmaking experience over time to ensure new players get introduced to the game better.
    • Ranked Ladder
      • As mentioned, too grindy, they do like monthly seasons, moving players further away from 20 might help the new player experience and they have a meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see how they can attack the Ranked ladder issue.
    • The Arena
      • As mentioned, making Arena standard is a consideration. They want to reduce the amount of Commons and “useless” cards.  
      • In Feb, they are releasing a Top 100 ranking for Arena.  Highest average wins per run with a minimum 30 run requirement.
      • Some changes to Arena are already ready to be added, waiting for the best time to patch them in.
    • Wild Format
      • They expect Wild to increase in popularity once the next rotation happens.  Wild will have 5 format sets instead of just 2.
      • Standard is about twice as popular as Wild right now.
      • Ben would love to see more Wild Events and Blizzard should promote them more.
    • Pirates
      • Pirate Warrior was 30% of the meta game near Gadgetzan launch but has fallen off.
      • It’s higher than they are comfortable with and as mentioned they will do something if that doesn’t change.
    • Meta
      • Lots of decks are really close to 50%
      • Top deck and the 11th deck were within 3% win-rate of each other with a high end of 52%.
      • Win-rates over 55% for a deck can be a sign that something is wrong, or when 25-30% or more players are playing a specific deck.
    • Misc
      • Silver Hand Recruits, Buffs and Healing is the identity for Paladins.  More buff synergy is planned.  Heals should shine more once Reno Jackson drops out.

Espo Mode

Cart Crash at the Crossroads

“You collided with another Hero and your decks are mixed up! Pick another hero at the start of the game; your deck will be a random combination of the two classes!”

  • Each player’s “second class” is chosen through a Discover-type mechanic at the start of the Brawl, with each class represented by a unique choice card that acts to shuffle cards into the player’s deck. The classes presented are randomly selected, adding a further element of unpredictability to the Brawl, and preventing players from using the same combination each match. With 8 possible classes (excluding the player’s original class) each class has a 3/8 (37.5%) chance of being presented as an option.
  • Each deck contains 11 class cards for each chosen class (for a total of 22), and 8 neutral cards.
  • The hero, Hero Power and class for quest purposes are all determined by the original class.
  • The selection of the second class comes after the mulligan but before the first card is drawn from the deck. This means that the cards in the starting hand will never come from the second class, but the first card drawn may.

Paladin MSoG card discussion (Slide Show)

Grimestreet Outfitter – Battlecry: Give all minions in your hand +1/+1.  

Smuggler’s Run – 1 mana spell, Give all your minions in your hand +1/+1. 

Grimscale Chum – 1 mana, 2/1 murloc, Battlecry: Give a random Murloc in your hand +1/+1.  

Getaway Kodo – 1 mana Secret: When a friendly minion dies, return it to your hand.  

Grimestreet Enforcer – 5 mana, 4/4 – At the end of your turn give all minions in your hand +1/+1.  

Grimestreet Protector – 7 mana, 6/6, Taunt. Battlecry: Give adjacent minions Divine Shield.  

Small-time Recruits – 3 mana, Draw three 1-Cost minions from your deck.  

Meanstreet Marshall – 1 mana, 1 /2 minion, Deathrattle: If this minion has 2 or more Attack, draw a card.   I

Wickerflame Burnbristle – 3 mana, 2/2 Divine Shield. Taunt. Damage dealt by this minion also heals your hero.    

Next Week: Warlock

Hints and Tips

I have begun saving for the next Adventure or Card expansion. In the past we have seen releases rotate between Adventure and Expansion about every 4 months.  December 1st we saw the 132 card MSoG set released and will most likely get a 30-45 card adventure set in April. We are about 12 weeks out and at 250 gold a week from quests you will have 3,000 Gold.  The last few adventures have allowed you to buy individual wings with gold. For example, Naxxramus was 700 Gold per wing. The first wing was free and the remaining wings added up to 2800. So, save that gold, get about 3k and let the speculation begin, Adventure awaits!

2014: Release, 1 adventure, 1 expansion

2015: 2 adventures, 1 expansion

2016: 2 expansions, 1 adventure

2017: ? 2 adventures, 1 expansion ?

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 3



matadordog from United States


Thought I’d give an update to my review as the format has changed to 2 hosts. I love this podcast! Vastidious does outstanding show notes and covers the important Hearthstone happenings. Espo is my favorite podcaster. I love his passion and friendly attitude. I subscribe to 10 podcasts covering Hearthstone and LOTI is in my top 2. Please keep up the great work❤️



Fun podcast

Jenabean6 from Canada


Great podcast! The audio isn’t the greatest, but it doesn’t bother me.. I love hearing people get excited about hearthstone like I do! Also really enjoyed hearing about their decks and how they play them. I never liked rogue before but after listening to the rogue episode it gave me some ideas and I tried it out! And had a lot of fun 🙂



Great Show For The Casual Player

Kcstone from United States


Love the relaxed fun nature of the show. Great shoutouts to the other hearthstone casts last week and explanation of your show style. Ever play arena? Would love the casual player view of arena. Appreciate your show, keep it up!

Emails:  0

Twitter: 1

Ben Hearthstone

Loved hearing @XcMtbGamer go deep on the Diablo Brawl. I don’t think many players appreciated how deep and awesome it was @LotiPodcast

Facebook Shoutout:

Wil – Finally got a legendary card to drop! I wonder if Raza the Chained is a card you can build a deck around?


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  1. TheSensei#1800 on

    After listening to this episode i decided to revisit Paladin. Buff Paladin is a blast and would probably be better if I had more MSG cards but here’s the deck and I noted my changes:

    2 – Smuggler’s Run(crafted)
    1 – Argent Lance(crafted can’t believe i didn’t have one)
    2 – Grimestreet Outfitter
    1 – Wickerflame Burnbristle- (considered Brann Bronzebeard but used Prince Malchezar)
    2 – Truesilver Champion
    2 – Grimestreet Enforcer
    1 – Tirion Fordring – (Used Ragnaros , Lightlord)
    1 – Sir Finley Mrrgglton
    2 – Worgen Infiltrator
    2 – Flamejuggler
    2 – Acolyte of Pain
    2 – Argent horserider
    2 – Sen’Jin Shieldmasta
    1 – Psych-o-tron
    2 – Second-Rate Bruiser
    2 – Argent Commander
    1 – Don Han’Cho – (Subbed in Sylvanas Windrunner)

    I put in Malchezar thinking maybe I would get the legendary cards I don’t have plus it’s 5 more creatures to buff. This deck was a blast. Thanks for bringing me back to Paladin. Love the show.

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