LOTI 125 : Mean Streets – Druid

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  • The HCT Winter Championship will be in the Bahamas from March 23rd, 2017 to March 26th, 2017.
  • Elon Musk says his kids play Hearthstone
  • Ben Brode posts on the forum, goals behind Standard mode.  
    • The ultimate goal is to keep Standard fresh every year.
    • If the same Basic and Classic cards appear too frequently, that won’t be them achieving their goal.  
    • Releasing new cards is better than buffing cards from the Classic and Basic sets.  
    • They have no issues with moving problematic cards out of the Basic and Classic sets.  As result he said, “We might rotate some additional Classic cards to Wild.”
  • Ben followed up with a question to the community: “Do you prefer some evergreen cards to be nerfed, rotated to wild, or kept in Standard even if it results in a staler meta?”
  • Ben Brode also addressed the new player experience.  (https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/5m6cjz/the_biggest_problem_with_the_new_player/dc1dsox/ )
    • Revealed that the win rates for new players in Casual have gone up while Ranked continues to grow increasingly difficult.  He says that new player win rates have increased by ~15%.

Espo Mode

The Dark Wanderer – Celebrating Diablo’s 20 years.

A hooded stranger sits to play, holding a grim deck in his hands. Can you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer?

2 Phases

Phase 1 – The Dark Wanderer

If you reveal all 3 secrets, Twisting Nether is played and the Enigmatic Portal is opened and you move to Phase 2.

Phase 2 – The Cow King

The Cow King is your opponent.  And it’s cows, all the way up.

Getting Better

Druid cards

Mark of the Lotus – 1 mana; Give your minions +1/+1

Jade Blossom – 3 mana; Summon a Jade Golem. Gain an empty Mana Crystal.

  • If you play it after you have 10 mana, you do NOT get Excess Mana. You just get the Jade Golem.

Jade Behemoth – 6 mana; 3 Attack; 6 Health; Taunt; Battlecry: Summon a Jade Golem.

  • If you can get a few Jade Golems out before you play this it’s even more intimidating.

Jade Idol – 1 mana; Choose One – Summon a Jade Golem; or Shuffle 3 copies of this card into your deck.

  • If you are playing this early in the game, almost always choose to shuffle copies into your deck. Having a bunch of these in your deck is nuts, especially if you have Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the board.

Virmen Sensei – 5 mana; 4 Attack; 5 Health; Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast +2/+2.

  • Seems out of sync with all the other cards for Druid in this batch (except for Mark of the Lotus).  

Celestial Dreamer – 3 mana; 3 Attack; 3 Health; Battlecry: If a friendly minion has 5 or more Attack, gain +2/+2.

Lunar Visions – 5 mana; Draw 2 cards. Minions drawn cost (2) less.

  • Many compare this to Nourish, because you get 3 cards and when combined with Fandral, it’s nice.  However, this also helps speed up some Jade Golem decks.

Pilfered Power – 3 mana; Gain an empty Mana Crystal for each friendly minion.

  • This DOES give Excess Mana, if you use it and it pushes you over 10 mana.  
  • If you can pull it off, Turn 1 – coin, Wild Growth; Turn 2 – Innervate, 2x Living Roots then Pilfered Power

Kun the Forgotten King – 10 mana; Choose One – Gain 10 armor; or Refresh your Mana Crystals.

  • Super fun when combo’d with Aviana.

Hints and Tips

Don’t forget to re-roll quests for higher gold.

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 2


★ in iTunes by _RVA_ from USA on January 3, 2017

Both guys seem like nice people and they have nice voices for podcasts. Also I find their banter humorous. Having said that there seems to be an overall lack of preparation for the show. They seem to just chat about whatever and half the time one of the two hosts has nothing to add to the conversation because they either don’t know the cards involved or whatever the subject is. Compared to the top two HS podcast these guys have an apparent lack of polish. Show notes and schedule would go a long way to get these guys on the same page and would create more interesting conversations.

Amazing Podcast

Joeyss00 from United States


Last two reviews were woefully incorrect and misinformed. These two podcaster work hard and prepare for a game they love. They are casual players, so please do not expect them to be or act like legend or professional players. I love this podcast and will continue to listen to them. My only hope is that they never stop making podcasts.

Emails: 2

From: nebcanuck

Subject: Re. Negative Review

Hey guys,

I just finished listening to last week’s episode on Mage and when I heard the negative review I figured I’d write in and share my thoughts. I’ve been a casual player of Hearthstone since the spring, and am an avid podcast listener. I tried to find a decent Hearthstone podcast for a while but most of the time they moved through cards, synergies, decks, and player names so quickly that I couldn’t follow the conversation easily. I came across yours when it was featured in the Battle.net launcher and have listened to every episode since! As a casual player there are a ton of elements that make your conversation unique. I appreciate that you’re not focused on winning so much as enjoying experimentation. I appreciate that you don’t have every card and sometimes forget names or stats and don’t beat yourself up over it. I also appreciate it when you say that other things like family and work got in the way of you playing in the week, because that’s relatable for me! Do I notice that certain things like the sound quality or conversation flow could be a little more polished? Absolutely, but even those things are appreciable from my perspective because it shows that you don’t live for Hearthstone, it’s just something you enjoy on the side! All that to say that I hope you don’t take the occasional negative review too hard, and keep on keeping it casual! And don’t ever feel the need to defend things like your raspy voice or thyroid issues – anyone who criticizes you over human imperfections like that is lacking some human decency, in my opinion!

One quick question: You’ve mentioned a Facebook group or page a couple of times in your show. How do I access that? I’ve searched for Legend of the Innkeeper on Facebook and can’t seem to find it, and there isn’t a link to it on your website. I’d appreciate knowing so I can join in on the conversation from time to time!


Dear LOTI and Listeners,

This open letter from a passionate LOTI fan in response to the poor reviews on iTunes. Before anyone makes a review, I believe that person needs to watch and listen to a few episodes (as well as previous episodes) and do a little research, because incorrect and uniformed opinions can have negative consequences.

I understand one of the concerns is the audio, and that is legitimate concern. The audio has recently become an issue and if you listen to Espo he explains the problems he has. Espo lives in the boonies and has poor internet, not a choice of his and for some reason the quality has worsened over the past few weeks. If you go back and actually listen to previous episodes, you will notice that the audio is considerably clearer. This is something they said time and time again that they are addressing and will continue to address.  

Espo is a teacher and works two jobs, talking all day. Then despite all that, comes home and does a podcast about a game he loves. With all of that said, his voice and laugh are fine. I have no idea how his voice is cringe worthy. Maybe Fran Drescher, but even then.

The claim that LOTI does no preparation is downright incorrect. Espo played a deck 30 times that he didn’t really know or understand just for the show to provide insight and his opinion. Vastidious also made and built a deck for the same reasons. With Espo working two jobs, I don’t even know how he finds time to play for himself, let alone show. These two podcasters deserve respect for all of the hard work they put into this podcast.

There is an implication that they have no show notes. They do show notes. If you want show notes, go to legendoftheinnkeeper.com. It’s right there on the front page. They post them after every show.

These two gentleman do not tout that they are hearthstone legend players.  As Espo says, these are “casual players talking about a game casually, that they play casually.”  If you want perfection, then I’m sorry but no one or nothing is perfect.  Mariah Carey proved that. These two gentleman work hard and provide the best content they can.  Maybe it isn’t for you, but I will tell it is for me. Thanks LOTI for everything you do for the hearthstone community.  



Twitter: Hero Power ~ @LotiPodcast @XcMtbGamer Thought you guys might be interested in reading this!  (Reddit post that we had in the “News” section.)

Facebook Shoutout:  Rob ~ I went to my first Fireside Gathering last night and had some new players ask me where I go for strategy tips at the casual level. I said, “I know just the podcast for you…” 🙂 Hope my LOTI name dropping adds a few more members to this group!


That does it for this episode.  You can email the show at info@legendoftheinnkeeper.com.  You can also visit our website at legendoftheinnkeeper.com where we will post the show notes with the episode that has links to all the information we discussed.

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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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