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BlizzCon Information

Meet us at the con before the storm @10pm

Hints and Tips

If you are going to BlizzCon, a few tips for you.

Bring and USE sanitizer

Shower daily

Download the BlizzCon app for the schedule and MAP

Come visit us at Con Before the Storm 10pm

Bring your 3DS and Gameboy

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 3

KDawgforever – Still a great podcast!

I was a Hearthstone player a couple years back and decided to take a break. I recently decided to pick it back up wanted to see if my favorite podcast was still around. Low and behold LOTI is alive and going strong. I haven’t played WOW in a decade but I may pick that back up to JUST so I can join their guild and hang out. Save me a place guys. Cheers guys–and girl–thanks for the great content! -kDawg

Rhymewithorange – Awesome podcast if you can’t get enough Hearthstone

My love of Hearthstone eclipses my skill, so a casual podcast like LOTI is perfect! I started listening to this podcast as a newer player and it was really helpful, especially with strategies on how to get maximum packs without spending real money (aka the motto of the casual player). Even now as more of a seasoned player I still love this podcast for the hosts’ enthusiasm for the game. Fun guaranteed!

cMEnomore89 – Best Casual Podcast

Legend of the Innkeeper is the best podcast for casual Hearthstone players. Awesome show with awesome hosts.

Emails: 1

Ryan, aka Irish Jedi

LOTI crew,

I just got back into the ole hearthSTONE this past week after taking a break for awhile. I was really enjoying the game but I think I got a little overwhelmed when WotOG came out. After that, I was kinda lost for awhile. Typically, I play to get the card back every month and get to rank 19. But the deck I was using, a Reno lock and I found myself playing less and less, so i took a break to play other games with friends.

After watching some good hearthSTONE tournament matches on their twitch stream lately, I thought oh yeah I kinda miss playing that hearthSTONE and got back into it yesterday, completing my daily quests. So, I have a question and a funny story for ya:

Question: I did a google search but I didn’t find anything promising, but is there a good website for hearthstone tournament news and schedules out there? It’s possible I missed seeing some but I really enjoy watching the tournaments and the strategy involved.

Funny story: Playing my updated Reno C-Thun Warlock deck I top decked a Reno with 2 health and totally flipped the game and I won. Nothing better than top decking a Reno! Game right after that, I have Reno and C’thun in my hand with only 5 health and lots of big minions in hand. Not taking into consideration what my opponent might have, I skipped Reno-ing until the next turn, you know, to make it more dramatic lol. Much to my dismay, the shaman only had two cards in his hand (no minions on the board). he pulled out a doom hammer and rock biter weapon. Game over. Doh! Kinda funny how the game works huh? My bad and I had a good laugh and went on my way to finishing the quests for my warlock.

Anyway guys, great show as per usual. Thanks for giving me something to listen to at work every week. Much appreciated!  Been catching up on the show over the past few months. good stuff. Take care guys!

Ryan aka Irish Jedi

ps: happy birthday Ari!

Twitter: @RazcalHS @AriannwynHS I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! Espo asked me to tweet at you @XcMtbGamer

Facebook Shoutout: Hannah

Anyone getting the virtual ticket for BlizzCon? I got it last year and don’t know if it was really worth it…can’t decide if I should get it again this year. I mostly just want to watch the Hearthstone and SC2 content. The card back is fun, but I don’t really play any other Blizzard games anymore, so I don’t get use out of the other in-game goodies.

Patron shout-outs


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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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