LOTI 114 : Greetings from Gadgetzan



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100 Gold Murlocalypse Play 75 Murlocs
100 Gold Cry Havoc Play 75 Battlecry minions
60 Gold Druid Play 50 Druid class cards
60 Gold Hunter Play 50 Hunter class cards
60 Gold Mage Play 50 Mage class cards
60 Gold Paladin Play 50 Paladin class cards
60 Gold Priest Play 50 Priest class cards
60 Gold Rogue Play 50 Rogue class cards
60 Gold Shaman Play 50 Shaman class cards
60 Gold Warlock Play 50 Warlock class cards
60 Gold Warrior Play 50 Warrior class cards
50 Gold Overpowered Play 10 cards that cost 8 or more
50 Gold Stable Master Play 20 Beasts
50 Gold Beyond the Dark Portal Play 15 Demons
50 Gold Mrgrgrglrr Play 30 Murlocs
50 Gold Swashbuckler Play 10 Pirates
50 Gold For Azeroth! Play 30 Battlecry minions
50 Gold Death to the Living! Play 20 Deathrattle minions
50 Gold Tiny Bubbles Make Me Happy Play 10 Divine Shield minions
50 Gold Rampage Play 10 Enrage minions
50 Gold You Shall Not Pass! Play 20 Taunt minions
50 Gold Elemental Overload Play 15 Overload minions
50 Gold Combo Meal Play 10 Combo cards
50 Gold It’s a Secret to Everyone Play 10 Secrets
50 Gold Weaponmaster Play 10 Weapons
50 Gold Inspiring Use your Hero Power 30 times
40 Gold Emerald Dream Play 30 Druid class cards
40 Gold Welcome to the Jungle Play 30 Hunter class cards
40 Gold Arcane Brilliance Play 30 Mage class cards
40 Gold Righteousness Play 30 Paladin class cards
40 Gold Shadow and Light Play 30 Priest class cards
40 Gold They Came From Behind Play 30 Rogue class cards
40 Gold The Maelstrom Play 30 Shaman class cards
40 Gold Dark Soul Play 30 Warlock class cards
40 Gold Tactician Play 30 Warrior class cards

The following Murlocs that affected ALL Murlocs now only affect friendly ones, to improve the Murloc mirror-match. These cards are not eligible for a full dust refund.

  • Grimscale Oracle now reads “Your other Murlocs have +1 Attack.”
  • Coldlight Seer now reads “Battlecry: Give your other Murlocs +2 Health.”
  • Murloc Tidecaller now reads “Whenever you summon a Murloc, gain +1 Attack.”
  • Murloc Warleader now reads “Your other Murlocs have +2/+1.”
  • New Expansion hints are rolling out
  • Yesterday Blizzard sent out a Facebook post/tweet that was a postcard from Gadgetzan. (Picture is also in the LOTI folder on Google Docs)
    • Along the edge of the image is the following text:
    • “We take no responsibility on any claims made on this (souvenir?) of propaganda, or any predictions, suppositions, predictions, prophecies, harbingers, omens, portents, or conclusions that may arise. The word ‘safe’ is not meant to constitute a binding agreement and does not imply safety, security, protection, preservation, peace of mind, confidence, reliability, dependability, or trustworthiness. Mayor Noggenfogger(?) is not responsible for any accidents, burglaries, thoughtsteal, mind visions, hellfires, vanishes, whirlwinds, revenges, lightbombs, elemental destructions, excavated evils, consecrations, holy novas, flamestrikes, demonwraiths, starfalls, shadow flames, swipes, explosive traps, arcane explosions, brawls, DOOM!s, lightning storms, blizzards, twisting nethers and other Acts of Old Gods, magical mayhem or disfigurement that may ensue. No beasts, demons, dragons, mechs, murlocs, pirates or totems were harmed, abused, disfigured, dismembered, declawed, detailed, decommissioned, exorcised, disarmed or toppled in the creation of this postcard.”
  • Today another post – The Gadgetzan Gazette Vol 32 #7
    • Someone pointed out on Reddit that November will be season 32.  Could this be sync’d?  Could the release date be the 7th?  
    • Headline: City Builds First Unbreakable Bank! – Story outlines details about the new bank with all it’s security features and promises.
    • Is that the Cardback in the picture?!? What about the set icon at the top right corner? Hmmm?
    • Ads: Gadgetzan Emporium – We ain’t got it, you don’t want it! Jewelry, armor, ropes, mana crystals, tools, weapons, mechs, coins. Look for the sign with the gears on Grimestreet.
    • Ads: Tuskarr Bros Funnel Cakes
    • Ads: Genzo’s Payday loans – Get a loan to pay a loan! Won’t cost an arm AND a leg!
    • Ads: Crazy Smeed’s used Kodo dealership – 99 gold down and 99 a month for 999 months.  Get away from your troubles on a brand NEW* Kodo.  *Kodos not even close to new
    • Index: Business 2; Arts & Leisure 2; Sports 2; Lifestyle 2; Help Wanted 2; Obituaries 3-8
    • Ads: Talan’s Bar – Where else are you gonna drink?  Chat with Talan at http://blizz.ly/talansbar
      • This is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that you can interact with.
      • The conversation is between you, a new visitor to Gadgetzan and Talan the bar owner. He asks if you heard about the new dinosaur skeleton.
      • He makes you a drink, then he proceeds to talk to you about things going on in town.
        • All kinds of new businesses opening up, shows a picture.
        • A new manager at the bank. Two headed ogre.
        • Shows a picture of a meeting that has a female pandarian (Madam Goya – point of contact at the Black Market Auction House?) next to an big dude (her bodyguard, Mister Chu?)  in a full room. Says “See that woman right there…looking at that big guy there…would you say she looks happy to see him?  The answer is no. That girl’s looking like she wants to destroy that big guy. And each of them’s gotta crew who looks like they’re ready to throw down, too, don’t they? What does that say to you?
        • Then he talks about a little opportunity coming up and the proceeds to ask a bunch of questions.
        • What does power mean to you? 1) Wits 2) Strength 3) Worship.
        • Someone wants to destroy you…what do you do? 1) Rally your crew 2) Destroy them first 3) Talk them out of it
        • Choose an abode: 1) Mud Hut 2) Volcanic Lair 3) Ark
        • You can only save one … who will it be? 1) Priest 2) Scholar 3) Warrior
        • I feel the best when I’ve … 1) Slaughtered Enemies 2) Clear my mind 3) Indulged my vices
        • What is the most powerful? 1) Fists 2) Words 3) Feelings
        • I’m most relaxed when I’m 1) Meditating 2) Working on a puzzle 3) Fighting someone
        • My favorite kind of story has 1) Lots of plot twists 2) Lots of romance 3) Lots of horror
        • You have 5 minutes until an appointment so you 1) Sharpen your knife 2) Brainstorm 3) Watch people
        • I’m bored when I have 1) Nothing to read 2) No one to challenge 3) No music
        • How do you express affection 1) Gifts 2) Action 3) Words
        • I’d rather die 1) With all the answers 2) With a bloody sword 3) quietly in my sleep

Hints and Tips

Come to the Con Before the Storm on Thursday night at the Hilton Anaheim

Hearthstone Panel with Garrett from TAC, Chris from VT, Josh from the HH, and Kevin from WM

Blizzcon LOTI meet and greet at 8pm – 8:45pm in the California A Ballroom.

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