LOTI 113 : Heroic Brawl!?!



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  • Heroic Tavern Brawl – Coming Soon™ (Not this week – https://twitter.com/PlayHearthstone/status/788437522015588353 )
    • Recommended for advanced players
    • $9.99 USD or 1000 gold entry fee per round
    • Only lasts one week, replacing that week’s regular Brawl
    • Create a Standard deck and compete against others. Deck is locked and can’t be changed.
    • Rewards:
    • Most pro players like the idea and are looking forward to it.
    • Unofficial poll of 29,306 players – 67% No, 18% Maybe, 13% Yes
    • If you are seriously considering participating in the Heroic Brawl, this is just a reminder that another Expansion is just around the corner. Might want to save your gold for packs instead.
  • Next Expansion appears to be likely announced November 4th at Blizzcon
    • The Hearthstone team scheduled a “What’s Next” panel on Friday at Blizzcon. The description reads “We’ve got some news to share on what’s coming just down the road in Hearthstone – join us.”
  • Blizzcon Early Access Sale is live – https://gear.blizzard.com
  • The Official World of Warcraft Cookbook – http://amzn.to/2efWgIv


Hints and Tips: Save your gold for the Expansion!


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Twitter: Zerotio:  So, it’s official! I have my @DreamHack Atlanta ticket!


Facebook Shoutout:Dave:  After a Renounce Darkness win, do you get a warlock victory or does it credit the new class?



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