LOTI 111 : Boys Night

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  • BLIZZCON: Hearthstone World Championship details announced
    • $1 Million prize pool: Winner gets $250,000; 2nd $150,000; 3rd/4th $100,000; 5th-8th $50,000; 9th-16th $25,000
    • Best of 7 Conquest format with 1 ban
    • Group stage is double-elimination
    • Bracket stage is single-elimination
    • Schedule: Group stage takes place between Oct 26-30
    • Bracket stage will happen at Blizzcon
  • BLIZZCON: In-game goodies revealed
    • WoW: Legionnaire Murky & Knight Captain Murky
    • Overwatch: Bastion Skin
    • Diablo III: 20th Anniversary pet
    • Hearthstone: Welcome Inn card back
    • Heroes of the Storm: Nexus Tiger mount
    • Starcraft II: New portrait and Mystery Goodies (?)  It says “be among the first to unlock a fun new piece of upcoming StarCraft II content.”
  • Paid BattleTag changes now available $10 each time, as much as you like. You still have one free change, but prior to this offering you were not able to change it once you used the free change.
  • Blizzard moving away from Battle.net branding
  • Ben Brode posted on the forums a response to someone asking him to respond to some posts on Reddit.
    • He asked the question, “It’s interesting. When I post “been thinking about doing A. Also, we are not considering B”, people say ‘you said nothing’.  
    • “I wonder if folks would rather we wait until we decide whether or not to do A, and just announce when we are doing it.”
    • When we haven’t decided a course of action yet, what type of communication do folks want to hear?”
  • New Hero coming SoonTM – Tyrande Whisperwind.  Acquired through a special promotion that hasn’t been revealed yet.
  • IGN Chatted with Dean Ayala and Mike Donais
    • Shaman are current around 20% of the ladder. Mike said that the ladder is in a good spot but a little Shaman heavy from where he would like it.
    • Considering changes to Call of the Wild. Evaluating community feedback.
    • Yogg is on the developer radar. They want a solution that makes everyone happy.
    • Tournaments: Batstone was great to see because it explored a new format.
    • Tournaments: No tournament client stuff in development right now.
    • Arena: Too early to tell what the changes will end up looking like.
    • Arena: Short term goal: all classes closer together in pick rate
    • Arena: Long term goal: players can choose what class they like because they are even.
  • New audio files referenced in the latest patch in one of the updated files? https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/54rjf5/datamined_seasonal_events_emotes_and_more/
    • BRB – I will return shortly.
    • NICE_CARD_BACK – Fine card back!
    • INDEED – Indeed.
    • WOW – Brilliant!
    • SALUTE – My respect.
    • PARTY – Dance!
    • FIDGET – I grow impatient…
    • CELEBRATE – Rejoice!
    • CONGRATULATIONS – My congratulations.
    • FACTION_CRY – For the Alliance!
    • WELCOME – In the name of Elune, welcome.
    • HUNGRY – I could really go for some moon cakes.
    • START_OF_SEASON – A new season begins.
    • END_OF_SEASON – The season comes to an end.
    • HAPPY_BIRTHDAY – Happy Birthday!
    • HAPPY_HALLOWEEN – Happy Hallow’s End!
    • HAPPY_HOLIDAYS – Happy Feast of Winter Veil!
    • HAPPY_NEW_YEAR – Happy New Year!
    • HAPPY_NOBLEGARDEN – Happy Noblegarden.
    • HAPPY_BREWFEST – Happy Brewfest!
    • HAPPY_EVENT – A happy day!
    • VALENTINES – I miss my dear Malfurion.
    • KIDS_WEEK – Goddess bless the children.
    • FIRE_FESTIVAL – Happy Midsummer Festival!
    • PIRATE_DAY – Power Word: Yarr!
    • DAY_OF_THE_DEAD – Moon goddess, bless the fallen.
    • THANKSGIVING – Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty!

Competitive Updates

  • Reynad / TempoStorm has a new event World Series of Sealed 2.0 partnered with eSports Arena.
    • Sealed Deck Generator – https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/sealed
    • Players will open packs from all the expansions and adventures. Then they will build 3 decks using the best combinations of cards that they opened with 3 classes.
    • Then the will play a best of 3 conquest tournament with 1 ban.
    • The winner is decided not by the bracket but by who has the most gold at the end of the tournament. Players get 1,000 gold at the beginning of each day. They keep playing until either the timer runs out of the day or they run out of gold. While the match is going on, the other players will be at a poker table and can place bets on the outcome of the match. They can also bet on things like will Animal Companion roll huffer, etc.
    • Stream: twitch.tv/tempo_storm
    • Players (8 total):
      • Reynad
      • Trump
      • Zalae
      • Strifecro
      • Dog
      • Forsen
  • Major moves happening with Professional teams all over eSports.
    • TeamLiquid has been purchased by a sports ownership group that includes Peter Guber, Ted Leonsis, Bruce Stein and Magic Johnson (Wizards/Warriors owners).
    • The Philadelphia 76er’s ownership group just acquired 2 eSports teams; Team Apex and Team Dignatas and will merge them in a single team under the Dignatas name. The games they are playing are League of Legends, CS:Go, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.


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So, Rho mentioned Loot Box #3 on his episode of Realm Maintenance this morning. Great Job, Team!


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