LOTI 108 : The Menagerie (Blunt the Knives and Bend the Forks!)



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  • New wing out
  • Hotfix went live on the 26th which fixed the following issues:
    • Issue prevented Discover from working in the Tavern Brawl Captain Blackheart’s treasure when transformed into Ragnaros.
    • Issue prevented Faceless Manipulator from properly copying Moat Lurker’s Deathrattle effect.
    • Issue prevented Silverware Golem from activating properly when discarded during the Romulo and Julianne encounter
    • Issue prevented several bosses from attacking when Abomination was played.
  • WoW Legion launches today

Wing 3 : The Menagerie

The Curator:

Starts with 30 health and Taunt (on the Curator)

“Tiny fish things go free!”

“This Curator is allergic to beasts!”


Players start with 10 mana

Arch-Mage What’s his face

Terestian Illhoof:

Only Icky Imps can damage Illhoof.

Class Challenges:

Hunter – The Curator

Mage – Nightbane

Warrior – Illhoof

Top card from the Menagerie

VastidiousBabbling Book


Espo –  Menagerie Warden

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