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This week we are talking about… the new priest cards from Whisper’s of the Old Gods


What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


  • New Patch Live (1.6 GB!)
    • Recruit a Friend: Help Finley Find a Friend Click here to see the new Shaman hero –>  [ Morgl the Oracle ]
      • When 1 recruited friend hits a combined hero level of 20, you get the hero.
      • Each recruited friend that hits a combined hero level of 20, you get one classic pack (max of 5). (new interface to track it)
      • New Quest: Play a friend – Play a friend and both earn a reward = 80 gold
      • All recruits can earn a free Classic pack.
      • You can complete quests while challenging a friend this week
      • New icons added to the game so spectators can figure out what game mode you are playing in.
    • Golden Priest, Rogue and Neutral cards are now easier to tell apart.
    • Golden Hero Powers now display correctly in the Arena.
    • Tinyfin Beach card back for the month of July.  (New Card back)
    • Silithid Swarmer is now a beast.
    • Khadgar’s portrait now has a drop shadow!
    • The Collection Manager now more accurately displays new cards.
    • The experience bar doesn’t fill up after winning a game at max level.
    • Wild card rarity now displays properly when viewing flavor text.
    • Golden C’Thun’s buff animation is now gold, gold, GOLD!
    • Players should no longer appear as UNKNOWN after reconnecting.
    • And they fixed some audio, graphical and UI issues.

WotOG: Priest

Looking at the most recent Meta Report by TempoStorm (https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/meta-snapshot/standard/2016-07-03), Priest doesn’t show up until tier 4 with the N’Zoth Priest and the C’Thun Priest decks.

We asked Iksar a few weeks back about Priests and if Blizzard has plans to do anything about them. He did indicate that it’s something they are looking at. However, he’s a big Priest player and has been playing Dragon Priest and other decks. Seems to think that there are decks out there that just haven’t been discovered yet.

Darkshire Alchemist – Great card on turn 9 with Auchenai Soulpriest

Embrace the Shadow – “the only time this card stinks is when it’s pulled from Yogg”

Forbidden Shaping – Great in a midrange Priest deck.

Hooded Acolyte – Works great with Circle of Healing or Holy Nova in a C’Thun Priest deck.

Power Word: Tentacles – Creepy smile

Shadow Word: Horror – “The word “Horror” doesn’t quite cover this card. More like “Fear” or “Inconvenience”.”

Shifting Shade – “Deathrattle: Copy a Legendary card from your opponent’s deck and add it to your hand.”

Twilight Darkmender

Herald Volazj

Top WotOG Priest Card Art

Vastidious – Shifting Shade

SquishieDragon – Shadow Word: Horror

Espo –  Shadow Word: Horror

Hints and Tips

Getting the new Shaman hero is easy, just takes time.

Reviews and Emails

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LOTI Podcast,

First off I would like to say, you guys are amazing at what you do.  

I really appreciate all of the shout outs.  Without your show and I honestly mean this I doubt I’d be in the place I am now with my fireside gathering.  The interest has grown and its looking to be bigger than I thought.  


P.S. I really hope to meet Espo one day

Twitter: ShinyRob: Hey @LotiPodcast & @XcMtbGamer Congrats on 100 episodes. Not just that you got to 100, but that they are so consistently good. #Hearthstone

Facebook Shoutout:Tungdil: As some of you might know I’m part of an organization that hosts fireside gatherings. As we continue to grow we also get to move onto better/bigger locations. yesterday was our first time having the tournament in a movie theater where the finals were played on the big screen which was really cool! I didn’t make it far but I eliminated some guy who ended top 100 legend last season which was really cool! Finals ended 10 minutes before the football (soccer) finals started so we also got to see that on the big screen!

What a time to be alive😀


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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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