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This week we’re talking about the new Hunter cards from the newest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, and how they have affected the current Meta.


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 97th episode.  

This week we are talking about…


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VastidiousInfest or Giant Sand Worm

SquishieDragonPrincess Huhuran

Espo –  Call of the Wild 😉  Infested Wolf


  • Blizzard announces that they are integrating Facebook logins with their games
    • One benefit is that Blizzard is working on implementing Facebook’s Live api into games so that you can stream the game with one click over Facebook Live.
    • It’s not required to login to games, but you will have additional options if you do.
  • New patch fixed a few issues
    • Fixed problem when you back out of deck creation after playing a Tavern Brawl, the game would freeze.
    • Fixed an issue with Shifter Zerus transforming into a card that has a “Choose  One” option. (If it became a minion with “Choose One” as an option, like Keeper of the Grove, it would retain those options if it later became a second Choose One minion.)
    • Fixed a graphical issue when playing Evolve on a minion with Taunt or Divine Shield.
    • Chat bubbles are back when typing messages with friends
    • Redemption will no longer bring C’Thun back at it’s full, buffed health value
    • Scaled Nightmare’s attack now properly doubles at the start of your turn after it gets reduced. (This was an ordering issue, where Humility type effects were being applied after the doubling, keeping it at the reduced attack forever.)
    • Adjusted the volume for Anomalus
  • Blizzard in China, is rewarding Arena players through a special leaderboard, that is heavily tied to awarding Blizzcon tickets.
    • Top arena players are listed on a leaderboard.
    • Each month top players are awarded battle.net points.
    • The very best players can get Blizzcon tickets
    • The leaderboard looks at how many times players get 12 wins in Arena during that time period.
    • Battle.net Points can be spent on Hearthstone card packs, name changes, and also on other rewards for other Blizzard titles which include WoWTCG Loot for WoW, Gold in Diablo III, and Heroes Stimpacks.
  • Warcraft Movie releases in the US this week. Was out in the EU 2 weeks ago.

Espo Mode

Cart Crash At The Crossroads Choose a class and receive a random deck, with a small twist. On the first turn, you will Discover a second set of random class cards to add to your deck as well!

Getting Better

WotOG – Hunter  (Slideshow – Slide # 125)

How has Hunter changed since the release of WotOG?

Looking at the latest Meta Report from TempoStorm, there is only one Hunter deck even mentioned, the mid-range Hunter.  Players have started to add Doomsayer for some extra early game in their mid-ranged Hunter. Hunter two drops are so bad, and their mid game is so good, that this is surprisingly effective. Some players are saving the Doomsayer for turn five if they get a little behind, which helps them to play Savannah Highmane on an empty board. Although you see the occasional N’Zoth, the Corruptor, or Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End in Hunter, these can be all but ignored at the current time. (https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/meta-snapshot/standard/2016-05-29 )

Let’s talk Nerfs first:

There were some changes made with the ‘adjustments’ that Blizzard made that affected Hunters directly. Specifically 2 different cards. I know these don’t speak specifically to the new WotOG cards, but the changes came with the expansion and should be discussed because of how much they impacted the META.

  1. Ironbeak Owl (Hoot Hoot) – Hoot Hoot was changed by Blizzard from a 2 mana, 2/1 Beast with Silence, to a 3 mana card. This change, plus the removal of cards like Sludge Belcher and Piloted Shredder, much of the need for silence cards has disappeared.  Plus there are lots of cards competing for the 3 mana slot with Hunter decks. The thing about Owl is that when it was a 2 mana 2/1, the body was strong enough relative to the mana cost to still make it a decent card. I think Owl, at the cost it is now, just doesn’t stack up. You could be playing cards like Carrion Grub or Animal Companion instead and just feeling better. Or even at the same mana cost, you have lots of removal like Bow, Kill Command, and Deadly Shot. I’m not confident people would have played the old Owl if it wasn’t a beast, and the fact that it is a beast doesn’t offset the terrible stats.
  2. Hunter's Mark – This card went from 0 mana, to 1 mana. Hunter has moved to Deadly Shot as a way to deal with large minions because it’s more efficient. Hunter’s Mark costing 1 mana means you have to invest a card, mana, and some other card to answer something. (2 cards and mana) When it’s 0 mana, you can fit it in for free whenever you want, making it extremely easy to find situations to play it. You’re running with a mid-range deck, you want to be curving out well, and this really hurts your curve. Most were willing to invest this card and, say another minion to answer something big, but now they are not willing to invest in this card, another minion, and one mana, it just hurts too much for your overall game plan.

On the Hunt – 1 mana, Deal 1 damage. Summon a 1/1 Mastiff

  • Works great with Lock and Load and can be a Kill Command activator.
  • Flavor text – “The mastiff giggles if you don’t hit any ducks

Fiery Bat – 1 mana, 2/1 Beast, Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Carrion Grub – 3 mana, 2/ 5 Beast

  • Great in combo with a Houndmaster (turn 3 Carrion Grub; turn 4, Houndmaster = 4/7 with taunt and a 4/3)
  • Flavor text – “Carrion, my wayward grub

Infest – 3 mana, Give your minions “Deathrattle: Add a random Beast to your hand.”

  • Lots of mentions about playing this with Unleash the Hounds. Best way to refill your hand.

Forlorn Stalker – 3 mana, 4/2 minion, Battlecry: Give all Deathrattle minions in your hand +1/+1.

  • I still think this card was late to the party. Better for Wild mode, since a lot of the Deathrattles are over there now. Although could buff Savannah Highmane.

Infested Wolf – 4 mana, 3/3 Beast, Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Spiders.

  • Replacement for the Haunted Creeper for Hunters. The benefit is that the spiders are beasts.

Call of the Wild – 8 mana, Summon all three Animal Companions

  • Flavor Text – “Hello. Misha, Leokk and Huffer aren’t here right now, but if you leave a message we’ll get back to you right away.” BEEP.
  • Have to survive to turn 8. But if you do, just about an instant win.

Giant Sand Worm – 8 mana, 8/8 Beast, Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, it may attack again.

  • + [Beastial Wrath] (1 mana, Give a friendly beast +2 attack and Immune this turn) or Stablemaster – 3 mana, 4/2 minion, Give a friendly beast Immune this turn.

Princess Huhuran (Legendary) – 5 mana, 6/5 Beast, Battlecry: Trigger a friendly minion’s Deathrattle effect.

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Andrew – (Antiwhamite)

I just discovered an interesting interaction between two cards. I had Hallazeal down and played Yogg. Even though it is Yogg casting the spells Hallazeal still heals you for any damage inflicted. For example, I took the dreaded Pytoblast to the face but Hallazeal immediately healed me for 10. So, from now on Hallazeal will be known to me as PFI (Pyroblast to the Face Insurance)

Espo IVF Shout-out :  Rob and Joe (Cast Royale Podcast)  Hog Rider and Mini Pekka Espo


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