LOTI 096 : Espo Gets Bedazzled

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Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 96th episode.  

This week we are talking about… Warrior class cards in WotOG


What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


  • Interview with one of the Hearthstone game designers, Peter Whalen
    • The team wanted to do an expansion featuring Old Gods vs The Titans, but they couldn’t get it fleshed out within 130 cards.
    • C’Thun and his buffing minions had used a keyword called Ritual/Ritualists
    • Don’t want to add too many mechanics to the game
    • Cards that almost got nerfed: Ice Block, Alexstrasza, and Sylvanas Windrunner
    • Keeper of the Grove was going to be changed to 5 mana, but instead went to 2/2.
    • Blade Flurry was considered to be changed to a single target ability
    • Ancient of Lore was a tough nerf, but they want Druid to feel different every year.

Espo Mode –  Shadow Towers

Who lurks in the shadow towers? You do! Skulking behind the Towers’ sturdy walls, your minions have stealth their first turn.

Only when you play a minion does it get stealth

Build your own deck from your classes and cards

Getting Better

Warrior Cards in Whispers of the Old Gods

Favorite Warrior card art


SquishieDragon – Ancient Shieldbearer, Blood warriors

Espo –  Bloodsail Cultist

Hints and Tips Friendly reminder about sequencing

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:


Twitter: @Bleeker84 ~ @XcMtbGamer @LotiPodcast Even casuals can make rank 5 with Maly rogue, which is great b/c Malygos was my1st legendary

Facebook Shoutout:  Shiney Rob ~ I haven’t seen this mentioned lately, and I just started playing again and wanted your input. Has the community settled on a deck tracker program? Is there ‘one’ I should use that is better than the others? Any word on if this is ever gonna be possible on an iPad? Thanks, all.



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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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