LOTI 085 : Whispers of the Old Gods

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Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 85th episode.  

This week we are talking about…


What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


  • Patch 4.2 is live
    • Pre-orders are live in the US
    • Lady Liadrin can now be unlocked
      • This is an achievement that you get when you level a ‘new’ character to level 20 in WoW.
        • Can be done on a trial account as long as it’s the same account as your Hearthstone account.
        • Does not come with a cardback. New hero with new emotes
    • GvG packs will soon be unavailable for purchase
    • 3 new card backs added – C’Thun, Hogger (obtained at end of March for rank 20 or higher) and Overwatch (obtained by pre-ordering Overwatch)
    • New shop UI screen
    • New Tavern Brawl chalkboards discovered during data mining
      • New Tavern Brawl cards added (lots of them)
    • Collection Manager updates
      • Deck Recipes added to the game – When crafting a new deck, you can choose one of 3 prebuilt decks or build a custom deck. 3 decks per class.
      • Deck building – Suggest a card is much improved
      • Right clicking on cards reveals a new improved display
      • Can now search for cards using ‘Attack, Health, Cost, Golden’ and more.
    • Deck Slot changes – Here we go…
      • New Players – Rather than starting with 9 slots, new players unlock a basic class slot for each Hero they’ve unlocked. They can be edited but each is dedicated to a specific hero. Once you unlock all 9 Heros, you will get nine extra deck slots and you can now delete and replace the original basic decks.
      • Veteran Players – Slots are likely unlocked already. Open collection manager and you should see 9 new ‘basic decks’. You can delete these to open up 9 new slots. You can scroll through the list using the slider.
      • When selecting your deck to play, there are new arrows to page between the two pages. They can be used for casual, ranked, friendly challenges and adventures.

Whispers of the Old Gods – Revealed

  • Comes out late April/Early May. My guess is after the first weekend because of Dreamhack
  • 134 new collectable cards – available through card packs
  • The first pack you open from the expansion will give you C’Thun
  • Promo period – everyone who logs in gets 3 free packs from the expansion
  • Standard and Wild formats launch with expansion
  • When launched, GvG and Naxx will no longer be available and can’t be used in Standard format.
  • All new cards will be available in Arena when the expansion launches (except for C’Thun and the cards that interact with him. Those are excluded from the Arena)
  • Pre-order 50 packs for $49.99 USD on March 14th. Includes exclusive card back.

New Card Discussion

Reviews and Emails

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Emails: 2

First message from a listener – Audio


Hello again LOTI.  Thanks for answering my questions last week.  

My question for the week is: we know that blizzard is planning on changing 10-12 cards at least.  I know they are looking at Big Game Hunter and most likely Savage Roar.  I hear some people talking about force of nature, but I think by fixing savage roar, force of nature isn’t really that powerful.  What other cards do you want or think are going to be changed?  


Proud Patreon Supporter

Rumors I hear are, knife juggler,


William Richardson@willred1977  Mar 13

@LotiPodcast love loti podcast #Israel

Mannix Dzatko@PlasmaMc665  19h19 hours ago

@LotiPodcast @SquishieDragon @XcMtbGamer Thanks so much! I love listening to your podcast while doing ranked play!

Facebook Shoutout:

Tom –

Could someone who’s smarter than me and knows more about card games convince me that HS isn’t about to become a game of who can make the bigger C’Thun and get it on the board first?

  • Matt – With 120 odd cards left to announce, any worry like that could easily be unfounded.

I’d wait and see what else is announced before getting really excited/anxious about what the future of the game really holds for us.

  • Zerotio – It is too soon to tell. We still have over 100 cards to be revealed. They also said there are 16 cards that interact with C’Thun, so 17 counting the Old God. That leaves 117 more cards that do not directly interact with C’Thun. Let’s wait to see what else is revealed.



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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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