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Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 82nd episode.  

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Top Card Art From League of Explorers

Vastidious – Ethereal Conjurer

SquishieDragonMurloc Tinyfin, Mounted Raptor, Fossilized Devilsaur

Espo –  Sir Finley


Espo Mode

Getting Better

Deck Building Tools

There is a lot of study and strategy behind crafting decks. And some people are naturals when it comes to the art of crafting decks. One good comparison, is playing the auction house in WoW. It’s a game within a game. Some people are good at it others just want more gold or in Hearthstone’s case, more wins.

As Hearthstone matures and continues to evolve, there are many people out there who enjoy refining their skills in crafting decks. But there are also many who enjoy either teaching how to build decks, building tools to help the process, or even those who just provide resources to find decks without all the hassle of building them.

One of the best resources to do just that, is a website called Hearthpwn.com. We’ve mentioned it many times on the show. Recently they’ve upped the ante and created a new tool called, Innkeeper. Innkeeper is a software program you can download to your computer that will scan through your Hearthstone card collection and automatically upload it to your account on Hearthpwn.com. Currently it’s only available for Windows computers, but they are working on a Mac client.

Innkeeper : http://www.innkeeper.com/

Once your collection is synchronized with the website, it allows you to do some really cool things. The first thing is does is allows you to view your collection by card types, class and expansion. You can also share your collection with friends. My favorite portion of this information is where it breaks down how many cards you have from each expansion and adventure. For instance, I’m 20 cards away from completing all of GvG and 19 away from all of TGT. I am 22 away from all the classic cards.

The second major feature is the ability to search for new decks. Start by clicking on Decks on the website while logged in, select Mage (since you are awesome), and you will see a new button below all the filters that says, “Only show decks I can create”. This will remove any deck that has cards you don’t ALREADY have in your collection.

Ahh, but what if you have some dust burning a hole in your pocket and you are interested in crafting a few cards that will complete a new deck? You are in luck. Uncheck that box, press filter and the list will include decks you will need to craft cards to complete along with the ones you won’t. For any deck that has a card(s) that you need to craft, it will have a small red mana vial next to the name. When you click on the deck name and go to the page itself, you will then see the same vial next to any cards you will need to craft to complete that deck.

Additionally, in the upper section of that deck’s page, you will see a line that shows the Dust Needed to craft the deck, showing a total amount of dust you will need to craft that deck. Isn’t that easy?

Well, another problem players face is the process of adding these new decks directly to Hearthstone. You have to take a screenshot, write down the card list, or have the web page open as you select one card at a time to build the deck. Then when you want to change something, you have to do it all again. You are in luck! We can fix that too!

There is an awesome tool, called NetDeck (https://netdeck.n4ru.it/) . NetDeck is available as either a Chrome browser extension (the extension is $1.99) or as a Bookmarklet (which is free but will only export the deck), which works in all browsers. The extension allows some additional functionality. Basically what this does is when you are on one of the more popular deck websites (like Hearthpwn.com or Hearthhead.com), you can click this button on your browser and it will download the deck list and import it into Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

You are using Hearthstone Deck Tracker (http://hsdecktracker.net/ ), right? Well you should be. If you have HSD installed, then NetDeck automatically creates a new deck and adds all the cards from that deck into HSD for you. All you have to do next is name it (if you want to change the name) and click Save. Then you can import the deck into Hearthstone automatically. I will say that it hardly ever imports all the cards perfectly. But it does a fantastic job and I usually just have to manually add one or two cards.

The additional benefit to doing it this way, is that you can experiment with a bunch of different decks and save a lot of time manually entering them in one card at a time. And then you can save the decks in HSD for use later on.  

NetDeck (https://netdeck.n4ru.it/)

Hearthstone Deck Tracker (http://hsdecktracker.net/ )

Hints and Tips

Hearthstone Vocabulary:

AOE: Area of Effect that does damage to multiple characters

Aggro: Aggressively playing cards and attacking the opposing hero

Curve: The mana cost of your deck in a bar graph

Meta:  What is popular in the game currently

Tilt/Salty: When your cool is lost and you are off your game.

BM: To have bad manners or to tease

Top Deck: To draw cards from the top of your deck

OP: Over powered

Nerf:  To make a card or combination of cards less powerful

Roping: To let the turn last until the end

A cow with his nose against the door, mooing

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