LOTI 080 – How To Build Your SquishieDragon

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How to build your SquishieDragon


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 80th episode.  

This week we are talking about…


What did you do this week?

Quests?  Ranked play?  Fun Guaranteed with friends?


Top Card Art from Goblins vs Gnomes

Vastidious – Unstable Portal

SquishieDragon – Puddlestomper

Espo –  Velen’s Chosen


Wild and Standard Modes

  • Ben Brode in an interview with Shacknews (http://www.shacknews.com/article/93108/hearthstones-ben-brode-on-new-heroes-druid-nerfs-and-why-standard-is-solution-for-now)
    • “It’s something we could be changing more frequently even, we could experiment with an all Grand Tournament Arena. The way Arena is set up we already mess with the percentages on the new stuff so you actually get to see it in the Arena, since there are so many other cards there.”
    • BB seemed to indicate that anything is still open to change – even the structure of the formats themselves.
    • The feel that Hearthstone is different every year, that things are changing and this year won’t be like the last year, that’s what Standard is meant for.
    • When asked about new heroes, Ben Brode said “I think you’ll hear about new heroes in the not-too-distant future,” Brode said. “We definitely haven’t given up on them, it’s something we think is exciting. We just haven’t made any new ones yet.”

Listener Map

On our website I setup a Listener Map. It allows our listeners to tell us where they are from so that we can see where everyone is at. Listener Map http://www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/listener-locations/

Getting Better

Deck building with Squishiedragon

Deck building is a very complicated subject. For a player who is new to the game or who isn’t having a lot of success, it’s overwhelming. However, to better understand deck building and to be successful at it, there are some core tenets that you must be aware of before you can really tackle it effectively. With that said, I thought it would be a good idea to cover some basic concepts before starting to dig into the actual process of deck building. Because if you don’t understand the core fundamentals, you will have difficulty consistently building good decks. It might seem that we’ve stepped back to the very basic concepts but bear with me.

  1. Threats
    1. Threat Superiority
    2. Inevitability
    3. Clock
  2. Answers
    1. Binary Interactivity
    2. Incomplete Interactivity
    3. Combination

Reviews and Emails

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Espo@XcMtbGamer  Feb 4

@PlayHearthstone @bdbrode Will the new players still have the opportunity to enjoy the old Adventures after they cycle out of standard mode?

Yong Woo@ywoo_dev  Feb 4

@XcMtbGamer @LotiPodcast @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode we’re excited to make use of that content in the future. Haven’t decided on the details.

LegendoftheInnkeeper@LotiPodcast  Feb 4

@ywoo_dev @XcMtbGamer @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode Espo just went tilt on the show because of it…..

Yong Woo@ywoo_dev  Feb 4

@LotiPodcast @XcMtbGamer @PlayHearthstone @bdbrode I’m very confident the designers will come up with something awesome. 🙂

Facebook Shoutout:  Matej voices some real concerns about Standard.  Our Patrons answer his call…

One Patron in particular (Avanties from HHP) writes and links his article he wrote on the subject.  http://www.heropowerhs.com/blog/standard-format/

Patron shout-outs







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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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