LOTI 067 – TGT – Warrior

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TGT Warrior


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 67th episode.  

This week we are talking about…  Warrior


What did you do this week?

Top 3 of the week

Vastidious –

Ariannwyn –

Espo –  Bash


  1. Warsong Commanderl nerf is live
  2. Could a Co-Op Tavern brawl be in the works?
    1. Data mining revealed this last week two interesting things that might lean towards this possibility.
      1. A chalkboard background showing two ‘players’ facing a single opponent.
      2. A minion, Gearmaster Mechazod – 10 mana, 2 / 95 minion, BOSS – Mechazod wins if he defeats either of you!
      3. New cards
        1. Bomb Salvo – 0 mana, Deal Attack damage to up to 3 random targets.
        2. Decimate – 1 mana, Change the Health of enemy minions to 1.
        3. Double Zap – 0 mana, Deal Attack damage to both players.
        4. Kill the Lorewalker – 0 mana, Destroy Lorewalker Cho.
        5. Overclock – 0 mana, Gain 2 Attack.
        6. Prioritize – 0 mana, Deal Attack damage to biggest minion
        7. Release Coolant – 0 mana, Freeze and deal Attack damage to all minions. Gain 2 Attack.
      4. Strings (audio?)
        1. I will cleanse you both of the Curse of Flesh!
        2. Defeat Gearmaster Mechazod together to win!
        3. Increase clock speed!
        4. Print is dead, Lorewalker Cho!
  3. BlizzCon – Linkin Park was announced to be closing BlizzCon this year.
  4. Activision Blizzard hires former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network for new division (http://mashable.com/2015/10/22/activision-esports-espn-mlg/)

Espo Mode Who’s the Boss Now?

Dungeon bosses want to help you play! Build your own deck but get a random boss power. Each time you use it, you get a new one!

Constructed brawl

You chose the hero and construct a deck from your collection.

Hero powers are random;

Bone Minions: (BRM/Nefarian) Summon two 2/1 Bone Constructs

Wild Magic: (BRM/Lord Victor Nefarius) Put a random spell from your opponent’s class into your hand.

Activate!: (BRM/Omnotron Defense System) Activate a random Tron

The Majordomo: (BRM/Majordomo Executus) Summon a 3/3 Flamewaker Acolyte

Open the gates: (BRM/Rend Blackhand) Summon 3 1/1 Whelps.

Me Smash: (BRM/Highlord Omokk) Destroy a random enemy minion

Jeering Crowd: (BRM/High Justice Grimstone) Summon a 1/1 Spectator with taunt

Pile On!!!: (BRM/Corin Direbrew) Put a minion from each deck into the battlefield.

Web Wrap: (Naxx/Maexxna) Return a random enemy minion to your opponent’s hand.

Harvest: (Naxx/Gothic the Harvester) Draw a card.  Gain a mana crystal.

Decimate: (Naxx/Gluth) Change the health of enemy minions to 1.

Poison Cloud: (Naxx/Grobbulus) Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. If any die, summon a slime.

Warrior TGT Cards

[Alexstrasza’s Champion]  – 2 mana, 2 / 3 minion, Battlecry: If you’re holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Charge.

  • Works with Dragons. So obviously great for a Dragon Warrior deck, especially a fast deck.
  • Flavor Text – “Put more spikes on her. No, more spikes. What part of ‘more spikes’ do you not understand? MORE SPIKES!” – Alexstrasza
  • Great for removing threats like [Shielded Mini Bot] and other early threats.
  • By itself it’s just average. With a dragon in hand it’s amazing for the cost.

Recommendation: A huge recommendation for a Warrior Dragon deck.

[Bash]  – 3 mana, Deal 3 damage. Gain 3 Armor.

  • Compare this with the Warlock’s [Drain Life] (3 mana, Deal 2 damage. Restore 2 health to your hero.)  Clearly this is a better card.
  • Use this to get past a taunt and can be used to enable use of [Execute].
  • Use with [Siege Engine] (5 mana, 5 / 5 minion, Whenever you gain Armor, give this minion +1 Attack.) to buff it up.

Recommendation: Some may argue that Fiery War Axe is a better removal. However, this can ignore taunt and you don’t take damage when using it. So it can be quite useful especially when you combine with cards like Execute and Siege Engine.

[Bolster]  – 2 mana, Give your Taunt minions +2 / +2

  • What more can you say about a card that makes [Target Dummy] OP? Consider this. Turn 2 you play [Goldshire Footman], 2 x [Target Dummy], Coin and [Bolster]. For 3 mana you suddenly have a 3 / 4 Taunt and 2 x 2 / 4 Taunts on the board.
  • Or if you really get crazy, how about this? On turn 3: [Wisp], Coin, [Sparring Partner] and then [Bolster]. That would result in a 5 / 4 Taunt and a 3 / 3 taunt on turn 3, unless you can get a Target Dummy out too.

Recommendation: So it’s not likely a card you will play on the ladder but more in a fun gimick deck, like a Taunt Warrior. It will certainly catch your opponent by surprise to play some of these combos but not sure that they are long lived. Also works well with [King’s Defender].

[King’s Defender]  – 3 mana, 3 / 2 Weapon, Battlecry: If you have a minion with Taunt, gain +1 Durability.

  • Seems like Blizzard is pushing Warriors to go in the direction of Taunt with the cards provided in TGT.
  • Not really better than [Fiery War Axe] overall. This requires you to have a Taunt minion on the board for the extra durability and you can’t play it until turn 3.

Recommendation: Probably not something you will want to include in anything other than a Taunt Warrior deck.

[Magnataur Alpha]  – 4 mana, 5 / 3 minion, Also damages the minions next to whomever he attacks.

  • The best way to use this card is in combination with [Charge] (3 mana, Give a friendly minion, +2 Attack and Charge)
  • Great card to get out of a Shredder, if it doesn’t die immediately.
  • [Death’s Bite] is a better 4 mana pick.

Recommendation: The only way to include this in a deck is if you combine it with [Charge]. In my opinion, pass otherwise and even with Charge it might not be good to put in a deck since it’s going to be hard to get both in your hand at the same time. Better cards are out there.

[Orgrimmar Aspirant]  – 3 mana, 3 / 3 minion, Inspire: Give your weapon +1 Attack.

  • Useful in a Taunt Control Warrior deck.
  • Best if used behind a Taunt so that you can hope to get at least 2 Inspires off it. However, you are buffing up a weapon that will disappear after a few uses or can be removed by your opponent.
  • Best weapon to buff is Gorehowl (7 mana, 7 / 1 weapon, Attacking a minion, costs 1 Attack instead of Durability.)
  • Like other Inspire cards, combine with [Garrison Commander] (2 mana, 2 / 3 minion, You can use your Hero Power twice a turn.), [Fencing Coach] (3 mana, 2 / 2 minion, Battlecry: The next time you use your Hero Power, it costs (2) less.) and [Maiden of the Lake] (4 mana, 2 / 6 minion) Your Hero Power costs (1).).

Recommendation: Unless you are playing a Taunt Control Warrior deck, not likely something you will want to include. It’s very situational.

[Sea Reaver] – 6 mana, 6 / 7 minion, When you draw this, deal 1 damage to your minions.

  • Unpredictable.
  • Unpredictable.
  • Did I say Unpredictable?
  • Since TGT launched how many times have you seen this card played? Hmm?
  • There are a few cards that could benefit from this however, you can’t predict when it’s going to be drawn. So hard to play with that. Some cards that can benefit are: [Battle Rage] (2 mana, Draw a card for each damaged friendly character.), Rampage (2 mana, Give a damaged minion +3 / + 3) and then the typical cards you see triggered by something like [Whirlwind] (1 mana, Deal 1 damage to ALL minions.):  [Armorsmith], [Frothing Berserker], [Axe Flinger] and [Grommash Hellscream].

Recommendation: Gimmick card ONLY. Otherwise it’s worth 100 dust.

[Sparring Partner]  – 2 mana, 3 / 2 minion, Taunt. Battlecry: Give a minion Taunt.

  • Flavor Text: Come at me, bro.
  • One of the best uses for this card is removal. How so you ask? Use this card to give Taunt to your opponent’s minion hiding behind another Taunt minion that you want to kill. Then kill it or play [The Black Knight] (6 mana, 4 / 5 minion, Battlecry: Destroy an enemy minion with Taunt.).
  • Works in combination with [King’s Defender] and [Bolster].

Recommendation: It’s a card that you will probably only carry in a Taunt Warrior deck.

[Varian Wrynn]  – 10 mana, 7 / 7 minion, Battlecry: Draw 3 cards. Put any minions you drew directly into the battlefield.

  • (Negative) He’s expensive to play so your available cards in your deck are significantly reduced by the time you can play him.
  • (Positive) If your board is full when played, the drawn minions will be put into your hand.
  • (Positive) If you play with Chromaggus on the board you will get a copy of the minion.
  • (Negative) Minions put into play do not activate their battlecry.
  • (Negative) Not good to play if you have no cards in your deck.

Recommendation: Overall a great card if you have some good cards left in your deck when you play him. However, knowing my luck, I would play him and he would summon the following army. (Target Dummy, Target Dummy, Sparring Partner). So your mileage may vary. Certainly leads to some interesting results especially if you can combine with Chromaggus. Avoid if you don’t like RNG. Should you craft it? Craft Grommash first.

If you do build a deck with him, include a lot of Legendary cards with it. For example, [Barron Geddon], [Emperor Thaurissan], [Nexus-Champion Saraad], [Ragnaros the Firelord], [Sylvanas Windrunner], [Ysera], [Grommash Hellscream]

Hints and Tips

Over-extending and knowing your opponent’s class cards.

Don’t play out every card just because you can.

Learn all the class cards so that you can play around them.


ASUS ROG Play it Cool Marathon – Last weekend

So this past weekend Forsen, Savjz, Firebat and Reynad all participated in a 24 hour live ladder marathon. I caught just a few parts of the stream but what I saw was really cool. I really liked the idea. Winner win’s $5,000. Here were the rules.

  • Everyone started with an account with had unlocked all the basic class cards.
  • Each account had Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain unlocked but not opened.
  • Each player started with 10 card packs and they gained 3 packs of their choice each hour.
  • There were two banning phases, one for the first 12 hours and a second for the last 12 hours. How this worked is that each player was placed in random order (1,2,3,4). Each player then got a chance to ban a class from available choices. Then each player picked a class from the remaining 5, removing choices with each pick.
  • Every 6 hours a mini tournament between the contestants took place with the winner getting 5 packs.
  • If players met randomly on the ladder, the winner of the match would choose a card from his opponents collection that they had to disenchant.
  • There was an element of fan interaction. Every 3 hours the player with the most mentions on Twitter would get packs (1st – 5 packs; 2nd – 3 packs, etc)
  • And every 3 hours, the players were awarded packs based on position against opponents. (4th – 4 packs, 3rd, 3 packs, etc with the leader getting 0.)

The short amount of time I got to watch it was really interesting and fun. In the end all but Reynad made it to Legend. Savjz got to 112 and Forsen to 116. Since both players were Legend, they had a Best of 3 battle which Forsen won.

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: 2

StuartSmith – Excellent podcast for casual players (5 star)

I enjoy this casual Hearthstone podcast for a casual game. I can easily recommend new and just for fun players to check this out.

Spider9080 – I like it (4 star)

I like the commentators and the content. It’s just to casual for me personally. Does what it says on the tin then.

Emails: None



Can’t decide what to ladder with today. What’s your choice?

Tim: Totem Shammy!

Seabass: You were right. Good choice.

Facebook Shoutout:

So! I am about 200 dust from 1600, and trying to decide what Legendary to craft. I am leaning towards Harrison Jones (neutral, great in the current meta, and so on) but I am willing to listen to other ideas. I already have a Dr. Boom, and about the only Class legendary I would consider would be Tirion, as my main Ladder deck is a Paladin rush deck. Thoughts? (17 comments)

Matej: http://www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/loti-048-crafting-legendary-cards/

Greg: Tirion

Dave: Rag or Ysera

Richard:  Epics and Rares


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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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