LOTI 057 : The Grand Tournament Spoilers – Part 2

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More Grand Tournament spoilers!


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 57th episode.

This week we are talking about… the new cards in the next expansion


What did you do this week?


New concept “Reveal” has been released.  A card from each deck will be revealed and “Joust” against each other with the highest cost winning and activating the mechanic for that cards user.

Espo Mode

“The Masked Ball”

Minions that you play, that cost 2 or more, get the Deathrattle: summon a minion that cost 2 less than this one.

This weeks brawl is a constructed deck style one.  You must use cards from your own collection to play in this Brawl. But, each minion now has a shredder-style deathrattle.  making all 2+ cost minions, that you play from your hand, a lot better.

Getting Better

The Grand Tournament gives us more Spoilers!

Hints and Tips

Did you know that you can see the visual curve of your constructed deck.

Click on your collection, click on the deck you want to analyze, then hover over the name plate at the top of the deck list and you will see the bar graph to the left.


This is the last month for Road to Blizzcon points.

Favorite card from this weeks spoilers?

Ariannwyn – Tuskarr Jouster 😛

Espo – Fist of Jaraxxus

Vastidious – Fist of Jaraxxus, Confuse and Burgle

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:

dkh526 – Great Podcast – 5 Stars

This is one of my favorite podcast (of any category) to listen to. I’ve learned so much about Hearthstone just from listening to these 3 awesome players! FYI, I thought the $50 for 50 Grand Tournament Packs, and the card back was a good deal. So I made the purchase and am eagerly awaiting for Blizzard to let me open my packs! #CasualPlayer


Twitter: Matthew

Shaman gold!!!!! @LotiPodcast @AriannwynHS #500wins #gold #shaman

Facebook Shoutout: RingoOSU

I won the tournament hosted by A Worthy Opponent! Now I’m tied with trump in tourney wins!


That does it for this episode.  You can email the show at info@legendoftheinnkeeper.com.  You can also visit our website at legendoftheinnkeeper.com where we will post the show notes with the episode that has links to all the information we discussed. As well as new articles from Kraska each week

Our YouTube channel is www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/YouTube

You can follow the show on Twitter @LOTIpodcast.  However since I never check this twitter, Follow Ariannwyn (@AriannwynHS) and Espo (@Xcmtbgamer) on twitter also!

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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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