LOTI 056 – The Grand Tournament Spoilers

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More Grand Tournament spoilers!


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  We’re glad you could join us for our 56th episode.

This week we are talking about… the new cards in the next expansion


What did you do this week?


1. New season begins and next card back revealed to be TGT themed.

  1. The Grand Tournament bundle goes on sale in the HS store

3. Fan made Hearthstone LEGO board

  1. Interview with Eric Dodds, lead designer for HS

They will be changing Arena rewards when The Grand Tournament expansion releases.

After The Grand Tournament goes live, the Arena rewards will be random: either an original pack, a GVG pack, or a Grand Tournament pack.

Dodds also talked about Tavern Brawl, saying that the developers are treating this mode as an experimentation chamber where they can try ideas and see how they work. They want Tavern Brawl to play totally differently from the rest of the game so as to offer different experiences to the players. He said that in the future, we might see Tavern Brawls repeat themselves, and he wouldn’t answer a question whether Blizzard might start charging an entry price in the future

Espo Mode (Tavern Brawl Discussion)

“Too Many Portals!”

This weeks brawl is very new player friendly.  As it is a pre-made deck from the hero you choose.  You will get a bunch of Unstable Portals with few class specific spells mixed in.  And those spells are from the entire collection, not just the ones you have acquired.

Getting Better

The Grand Tournament gives us more Spoilers!

Hints and Tips

A different card back for each deck?!?  Yep, each of your 9 custom decks can have their very own cardback.  Just go into your “collection”, click on the deck you want, then click on the cardback icon at the top of the UI and drag the cardback you want over to the existing one to replace it.

Cardback for packs that you open? When you buy and open packs they come sealed in their “Classic, GvG, or tGT” packaging.  But once you open them, that display the cardback that you have set as your favorite.  To do this, go into your collection, click on the cardback icon and right click on the cardback you want and set it as your favorite.


This is the last month for Road to Blizzcon points.

Week 4 of Archon Team League finishes, 3 weeks remain

Challengestone 3 happening now!

HearthRank – https://hearthrank.com/


Favorite card from this weeks spoilers?

Ariannwyn – Argent Watchman

Espo – Demonfuse

Reviews and Emails

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Emails: None this week

Twitter:  ‏@07georgetv

@LotiPodcast Well Met, I myself am a casual player trying to grind gold for Naxx and listening to LOTI has helped me get a lot more wins!!!

Facebook Shoutout:

Liam posted a screenshot of his 50 packs just waiting to be opened.  Stating that “Blizzard is just teasing him.”


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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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