LOTI 053 : The Legendary Mindset

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The Legendary Mindset


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper. We’re glad you could join us for our 53rd episode.

This week we are talking about…


What did you do this week?

Top 3 of the week – Favorite Card Art

Vastidious – [Dragon’s Breath], [Hex], [Antique Healbot] (golden)

Ariannwyn – [Jeeves], [Twilight Drake], [Dragon’s Breath]

Zerotio –  [Ogre Ninja], [Truesilver Champion], [Elite Tauren Chieftain]


More Hints as to the July 22nd announcement

Blizzard sent out another tweet on July 9th, of a picture from a book showing what appears to be a female blood elf with a herald trumpet. It came with the following text:

“Champions are individuals who courageously answer the call of those who require their aid!”

The German Hearthstone twitter account had a similar tweet that read:

“A champion is someone who has outdone all his comrades-in-arms in a competition.”

They also posted a new blog post on July 8th that had some interesting things.

“Today was something else! The air was filled with the happy hubbub of folks dueling away and enjoying one another’s company…. The funny thing was , most of ‘em were wearing the shiniest armor you ever saw – including the magic-using types! I even saw murlocs all geared up in plate”

1. Ben Brode says that Brawls will be recycled


  1. New Warcraft movie posters


  1. ComicCon Warcraft movie details


  • Comes out June 10th 2016
  • Comments from SlashFilm
    • “Some of the most beautiful visual effects I’ve ever seen”
    • “Some of the most, heavy-fantasy, somewhat confusing story elements in recent memory”
    • Orcs are every bit as good as the work done on Avatar.
    • Rob Kazinsky (Orgrim) who is an avid WoW player, said “I’m a gamer and I know what I’m expecting, you’re expecting, and Duncan Jones has made the movie you want to see.”

BRAWL – The Great Summoner Competition

Mindset / Attitude

Please add notes if you have any! I got nothing. Feel free to add content here!


A key part of the mindset is evaluating all options before making a decision on what to play. Top players don’t make a play without considering all possible situations and the repercussions from each.

Knowing how to think through that process is vital. Below we list a few steps you can take to consider each turn.

  1. Do you have lethal?

Of course this would be something you likely won’t have to consider until mid/late game. This step also includes planning for a potential lethal in your next 2-3 turns.

  1. Could your opponent have lethal?

This step makes you consider not only what they have on the board but what they could potentially have in their hand. For example, a Druid with a few minions on the board might have [Savage Roar] in their hand which could be lethal.

  1. How do I win this game?

I know it seems like the obvious question, but you do need to be asking yourself this question. What can I do this turn that will help me win this game. Just like in the game of chess, you should be constantly looking several turns ahead. Yes your opponent’s actions may change your plans but plan ahead anyway.

  1. How do I create the best possible board position?

Many times momentum carries games. If your opponent is able to keep pressure on you by always having minions on the board and you are constantly removing them without getting minions on board, they have the momentum. You are behind trying to catch up. You need to consider how to get the board control. Of course not all decks are built around board control so this might not apply to certain decks, like a Face Hunter.

  1. What do you plan to play in the next 2 to 3 turns?

This ties back into point number 3. Planning ahead. You want to also keep in mind a smooth mana curve. Being able to play a card each turn using all of your mana if possible.

  1. What is your opponent likely to play in the next turn?

You have two things in your favor for guessing what it might be. Their hero, which narrows down their options quite a bit as long as you have a good understanding of what that hero has available to them. Get to know the class specific cards of each hero. And two, what cards have they already played. Remembering that they have 2 cards of each available to them. Also the types of cards they play might help you figure out what kind of deck they have. For example, if it’s a mage and they play [Mechwarper] it’s probably a Mech Mage.

  1. Sequence of play

The order you play your cards in can mean the difference to winning and losing. The best rule for sequence of play is to play out the random elements first before other moves. It’s better to know what the random elements will bring so that you can better evaluate your next step.

Critique Yourself

Once you get these steps down, it’s really important if you want to get better, to critique your play. You can do this a few different ways. Record your game play and watch it again. Or us Hearthstone Deck Tracker and walk through the replay. This can be one of the hardest things to do but one of the most effective.

Don’t Let It Get To You

The last thing is to control your emotions. If you find yourself getting frustrated or angry when losing, take a break from the game and come back later. If you let your emotions get in the way, you will react poorly and make bad plays.

I asked Kraska if he had any input on this topic… Here is what he gave me:

Hearthstone Mindset and Attitude


    1. Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
      1. Growth Mindset: Trying to constantly grown and improve. Realizing that you can improve with the right practice/study.
        1. Having an attitude where you feel you are largely in control of your outcomes.
      2. Fixed Mindset: You’ve either got it or you don’t and there’s nothing much you can do to change it.
        1. Often have an attitude that you cannot control your outcomes.
      3. Research shows Growth mindset leads to more positive results
        1. More resiliancy and toughness – bouncing back from setbacks
        2. More success – long term
          1. Better outcomes over time
          2. Better perception of outcomes
        3. More happiness/satisfaction
        4. Reference: Research by Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth
    2. Levels of self-awareness
      1. Level 1 – not aware of attitude’s affect on play
      2. Level 2 – Aware of attitude, but not doing anything about it.
        1. e.g. I’m angry!
      3. Level 3 – Aware of attitude, and take proactive steps to change for better
        1. e.g. I’m upset about that my opponent topdecked fireball, I better get up and take a deep breath before my next turn.
          1. How can I improve my position (being a problem solver)
    3. Good attitudes to adopt/strengthen


  • Curiosity


        1. During the game – be a detective
          1. What is my opponent trying to do?
          2. How can I solve the problems in front of me?
        2. After the game
          1. What could I have done differently?


  • Positive Expectation


        1. Not “I’m going to win” but “I will try to play the best I can”
        2. Control what you can control (like Serenity prayer)
        3. Research shows positive expectation leads to greater performance in high level sports performance.
        4. Don’t be intimidated by Golden heroes or Legend cardbacks
          1. If you play optimally and opponent does not or gets bad luck, you can win
          2. Look at game as a good lesson from the good player – whether you win or lose


  • Acceptance


        1. Realize RNG is a part of every card game
          1. Bad beats/Topdecks happen (and not just in your opponent’s favor)
        2. If you and your opponent play perfectly, RNG/luck will determine winner
          1. Over time, better players will have higher win rates
        3. Accept losing as part of growth.
          1. Okay to be upset, but put it in perspective
        4. Long term – if you want to get to a higher rank/legend you may need to do things differently – be willing to accept that things will not change unless you change (or you cannot expect things to change while you stay the same)
          1. Improve your play
          2. Improve your attitude
          3. Change your deck


  • Responsibility


        1. Accepting your role in trying to play well
          1. Do not blame RNG for all losses
          2. You can see this positively – if RNG was the only factor, you could not improve as a player
        2. Learn from your losses
          1. Watch videos of pros playing your deck style
          2. Get feedback from good players
          3. Study your games – with deck tracker
        3. Self-awareness – particularly if playing competitively
          1. Recognizing when you’re on tilt
          2. Recognize when you’re too tired/frustrated


  • Flexibility


        1. If you are playing competitively, you cannot ignore the meta – e.g. If you face 50% Face Hunter, Handlock probably not the best deck to play.
          1. Be willing to tech your deck for the meta
          2. Be willing to change decks if needed
        2. Realize that you may need to change around your deck – Hearthstone is a dynamic games
          1. New cards are introduced
          2. New ways of playing old cards are developed
        3. Sometimes, you may need to go against the standard method of play based on the situation e.g. sometimes you need to be aggressive with a slow deck or play slow with an aggressive deck


  • Perseverance


        1. Getting better takes time – it takes 10,000 hours to become world-class at anything.
        2. You may not see incremental improvements in the short term – but long term it will show if you are trying to improve and working toward it.


  • Objectivity


        1. Realistic expectations – You will not win 70% over the long run, no matter how good you are due to variance.
        2. Focus on the task before you when playing your turns, whether you are winning or losing. Be a problem solver (or a detective)!
        3. Beware making general statements like “I’m terrible at X”
          1. Tracking your results will help you with this
            1. This will also help you make changes to your deck and playing


  • Resiliance


        1. If you play Hearthstone and card games a lot, you will discover you will lose a lot.
        2. Being able to bounce back and play your best despite repeated defeats.
    1. Tilting
      1. A state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive.
        1. Tilting causes you to play badly
        2. Often happens after a losing streak
          1. Accept that even the best players will go on losing streaks due to variance


  • Variance is the downswings and upswings involved with playing card games (due to RNG).


    1. Recognizing tilting
      1. Attitude
        1. Angry
          1. with yourself
          2. with opponent
          3. at RNG
        2. Helpless
          1. “No matter what I do, I can’t win”
      2. Gameplay
        1. Playing fast
        2. Not considering more than one option
          1. Look at first seemingly good plan and playing it
        3. Not considering game situation
          1. Board state
          2. Life totals
    2. What to do about tilting
      1. During game
        1. Try to find positive aspects of your game position
          1. e.g. Good cards to play on next turn
        2. Deep breathing
        3. Stand up and take a step away from computer (during your opponent’s turn)
      2. After game
        1. Take a break – could be for a few minutes or more depending on when you feel you can play objectively and with a positive attitude
        2. Study your game and try to find what you could have done differently – trying to be productive in finding your mistakes will often focus your mind on what you can control and less on what you can’t control.
  1. Attitudes/Mindsets to Avoid or Change
      1. “I am no good at this game”
        1. Change to “I can improve at this game.”
        2. Taking responsibility and adopting a growth mindset.
      2. “I always lose because of bad RNG.”
        1. Change to “RNG happens, but I can try my best to play my best with the cards I get.”
        2. Take responsibility for what you can control.
      3. “My opponent is a Golden X. I’m going to lose.”
        1. Change to “This should be an interesting game. Let’s try our best and see how this goes.”
        2. Recognizing that every game is a new one for both players and an opportunity to play your best. Your opponent’s legend cardback cannot affect the decisions you  make at the board if you do not let it.
      4. In general, change “fixed” attitude where something negative is perceived to be permanent to a “growth” attitude where you perceive you can improve and grow.
      5. In general, negative attitudes cloud your perceptions and cause you to make worse decisions over time (see section on Tilt)


(Zerotio) – Archon Team League: 9 Week series, Week 2 completed. Hosted by Amaz of Team Archon

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