LOTI 050 – Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going


Where we’ve been, where we’re going


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  I’m Vastidious, I’m Ariannwyn and I’m Espo.  We’re glad you could join us for our 50th episode.

This week we are talking about…


What did you do this week?  Race to Golden Warlock  Vastidious: 343  Espo: 316  Ari: 4

Top 3 of the week – Favorite past episode? (Vast and Ari don’t listen…is this a good top 3?)

Vastidious – Episode #29 (QuarterPounder) & Episode #32 and Community

Ariannwyn – Community

Espo –  19 – Warlock Strategy

Patreon favorites:  Community episode (47) and Arena episode (46)


Patch # 9166 – Hit the servers but isn’t live yet. Contains the new Tavern Brawl mode, 3 cosmetic heros and a set of Brawl-specific cards!


  • Tavern Brawl! (A.K.A. Espo mode)




  • Launch mid-June
  • Weekly event with a custom deck building rule for that mode. One week you might build a deck another be given a premade deck.
  • Unlocks after leveling any hero to 20.
  • Couple of days delay between Brawls.
  • Fight as many times as you like during that week. Total wins for that brawl will be shown on the Brawl screen.
  • You can only have one deck for each brawl but you can edit the deck. The deck has it’s own slot in the Brawl UI, like Arena
  • Winning your first Brawl each week during the launch event will reward you with a FREE Classic Pack (source: https://twitter.com/CM_Zeriyah/status/608691501879668736 / https://twitter.com/CM_Zeriyah/status/608673655116005376)
  • Daily quests can be completed in Brawls.
  • And you can get 10 gold for every 3 wins when winning Brawls.

New Cards part of the first Tavern Brawl?  (See details in post from HearthPwn above)

There are some cards that will be in the Tavern Brawl that will not be available outside Brawl – (source: https://twitter.com/Daxxarri/status/608739211181580288)

New Card back tied to a Samsung Galaxy gifts promotion?


2. Hero Skins


Medivh will join Jaina in the Mage class, while Alleria will be an alternative to Rexxar in the Hunter class.http://www.pcgamesn.com/hearthstone-heroes-of-warcraft/blizzard-announces-two-new-hearthstone-heroes

Six Gamers has made a few videos about the lore and history of each hero in the Warcraft Universe

Magni: https://youtu.be/1Zz4RhBLjbE

Alleria: https://youtu.be/OLcaa126CQs

Medivh: https://youtu.be/Rpekm_U9xka

3. Card Slot Discussions

Quote from Ben Brode

Seems like you guys are interested in more statistics, so here you go! Keep in mind these aren’t related to any decision-making regarding deck slots. I just mentioned the stats because I don’t think it’s super healthy when a single person represents themselves as “everyone”. The truth is there are lots of types of players.

  • Players with 9 decks (among players who have been active in the last 30 days): 33%
  • Players with 7-8 decks: 18%
  • Players with 1-6 decks: 49%


Where we’ve come: Casuals

When Vastidious and Ariannwyn started this podcast, the general idea was to talk about the game, have some fun, maybe even friend a few listeners through the show.  What Legend of the Innkeeper has become was completely unexpected!

At the start, casual players were the focus.  They still are, but we’ve learned that community is the key to unlocking the full “fun potential” in Hearthstone.

Where we’re going: Community (and casuals)

There are many people who aren’t casual who listen to this show.  I have often wondered why.  Now I realize that LOTI has become a community, and even hard core players are attracted to that.


  • Dreamhack Summer Grand Prix   Jonkoping, Sweden

40,000 USD and 230 HWC Points is spread among the players

Conquest Format  7 rounds of Swiss with top 8

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:

TheGoblinKing3 – The Best Casual Podcast

This podcast is one of my favorite one to listen to each week. They always talk about interesting topics that keep me entertained while at work. No matter what level of player you are there banter will keep you informed and entertained throughout the show. Enjoy the podcast keep up the great work. And don’t forget thumbs up lets do this!

Emails:Matthew from Slovakia

Hello guys,

just in case – you don’t have to read this e-mail on your show, thanks 😀

First of all thanks for great show, I found out about you via Well Met! podcast and you are exactly what I was looking for as a new HS player. Thanks for plenty of info that makes me better, and making my long work days better. 🙂

And excuse my English please, I am from Slovakia 😛

So I started to listen to your podcast from Episode 1, all was great until I reached number 35. From there till your last episodes – DOWNLOAD button is missing 🙁 I can see the media player at the very bottom of each show notes (it was on the top before) but I can only play it via browser.

Now – I don’t use any Apple device or Android, I just connect my phone as an HDD and use “Save As” function for all podcasts I listen to. So right now there is no way for me to downlaod and listen any of the remaining episodes.

No wait!

DId you do something with the website? Or is it me? I just checked your website to make sure I type exactly what is the problem – and it seems like even previous episodes are unavailable for download. NOW. It was all OK last week. And I noticed some orange coloured media player plug-in in your last episode description – I can download that with no problems.

So I guess you are doing some changes and that makes some episodes unavailable for now? Or is it my computer? I am using Chrome, tried refreshing your website, deleting cookies… nothing helps. So if you can tell me some other way how to download the rest of your podcast, I would be very happy.

Thanks again for great work, keep it up and hopefully your download will be OK soon. I’m, getting withdrawal syndrome already… 🙁




( that’s Mathew in Slovakia 😉 )


Remon @remongeyser  Jun 11

@LotiPodcast is a great podcast if you would like to play Hearthstone. Greetings from Africa! Thank you for inspiring me get to rank 4. Kappa!

Facebook Shoutout:

June 12 at 10:30am

Taking a poll! What episode of ours is your favorite? (Add your own options since there are 50 episodes…)



That does it for this episode.  You can email the show at info@legendoftheinnkeeper.com.  You can also visit our website at legendoftheinnkeeper.com where we will post the show notes with the episode that has links to all the information we discussed.

Our YouTube channel is www.legendoftheinnkeeper.com/YouTube

You can follow the show on Twitter @LOTIpodcast.  However since I never check this twitter, Follow Ariannwyn (@AriannwynHS) and Espo (@Xcmtbgamer) on twitter also!

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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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