LOTI 045 : Here Be Dragons

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Here be Dragons


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  I’m Vastidious, I’m Ariannwyn and I’m Espo.  We’re glad you could join us for our Forty Fifth episode.

This week we are talking about…


What did you do this week?

Top 3 of the week – Dragon cards

Vastidious – Deathwing.  Need there be more?  (The Real Vast: Nefarian, Dragon Consort, Alexstrasza)

Ariannwyn – Azure Drake, Dragonkin Sorcerer, Nefarian

Espo –  Chromaggus, Ysera, Deathwing


1. New HoTS card back discovered


2. Hearthstone Mount in HoTS for getting 100 wins in Hearthstone




From Wowpedia:

A dragon is a reptilian creature, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities. Dragons were one of the first intelligent life forms to appear in Azeroth. It is not clear whether the titans created them or if they somehow evolved prior to the titans’ arrival. At one time, their numbers were uncountable, but in present-day Azeroth there are very few left. Originally, there were many different dragonflights, with many different colors to be seen. The five most influential, however, were the reds, the greens, the bronze, the blacks, and the blues, and eventually most (if not all) of the other flights disappeared.

Chosen by the titans, each of the five dragonflights were given domain over a certain aspect of the world, ranging from the earth to time itself. During the War of the Ancients, the dragonflights sought to fulfill their duty and strike against the invading Burning Legion. Over time, the dragons have endured much hardship and only a handful still remain, hostile to all that may tamper with the titans’ creations.

Mike Donais explains that the ‘holding’ mechanic has the potential to further explore a relatively new element in Hearthstone: bluffing.[2] Because the successful activation of a Blackwing Technician, Blackwing Corruptor or Rend Blackhand highlights the presence of a Dragon in the player’s hand, this can be used to play mind games with the opponent, who may alter their play in order to counter the Dragon assumed to be in the player’s hand. Donais states, “Bluffing is something I want to encourage more in our games.

Class specific dragons:

[Twilight welp] – Priest

Dragon Consort – Paladin

Legendary dragons:









Non-Dragon dragon cards:

Blackwing Corruptor

Blackwing Technician

Dragon Egg

Rend Blackhand


[Black whelp]

Dragonkin Sorcerer

Drakonid Crusher

Faerie Dragon

Hungry Dragon

Twilight Whelp (Priest)

Volcanic Drake

Blackwing Corruptor*

Blackwing Technician*


Azure Drake

Dragon Consort (Paladin)

Twilight Drake

Dragon Egg*

* = Not a dragon type

New class cards:

Druid –

Druid of the Flame

Volcanic Lumberer

Hunter –

Quick Shot

Core Rager

Mage –

[Dragon’s Breath]


Paladin –

Solemn Vigil

Dragon Consort

Priest –

Twilight Whelp


Rogue –

Gang Up

Dark Iron Skulker

Shaman –

Fireguard Destroyer

Lava Shock

Warlock –

Imp Gang Boss


Warrior –

Axe Flinger


Article about each of the new cards and how they have affected the Meta



AWO tournament  Shoutout to ArcAngel who I played in the first round.  Enhance-o-Mechano

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews:


Great Podcast – Alex, Glen Allen, VA – 5 stars

I am new to Hearthstone and this podcast has been great in helping me learn and understand the game. It is geared to casual gamers and the hosts are enthusiastic and knowledgable.


Too much time wasted exploring their daily lives – Se7erian – 2 stars

I like the hosts and the information is useful but you have to endure an awful lot of time listening to them exploring their daily lives and other irrelevant stuff. I often get bored.


Thanks for looking out for the n00bs! – Jnsyellow – 5 stars

I just started out and wanted a podcast I could listen to to learn the basics. Love it so far!


Hello All!

Husein here from Euless, TX. I’ve been listening to y’all’s show since February and was hooked from the first episode! I went through and listened to every show in just two weeks! Y’all have great chemistry and are just a joy to listen to every week!

The one thing I wanted to bring up is that I play Hearthstone on Saturday’s with a few friends of mine. After hearing the idea of opening a pack at the end of each show, we decided to do the same thing every Saturday! However we made the stakes a little more interesting as our card collections are still fairly small:

If any of us opens a legendary or epic, we have to open another pack until we don’t. Things can get intense when once one of us had to open four packs that night and as causal players that’s a lot of gold!

We started in maybe March and since then as a group of three we have opened the following legendaries:

Dr. Boom (first paid arena run pack)



Troggzor (first Hearthstone pack ever opened!)

Tinkermaster Overspark

Captain Greenskin

Golden Captain Greenskin —> dusted for Sylvanas

Tirion Fording

Golden Tirion Fording (opened one week after opening regular Tirion)

Bloodmage Thalnos



I thought I would share since it was y’all’s idea that got us hooked and excited to open packs as a group!

You guys are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the great work and looking forward to future shows and legendaries for Arianwyn

Stay Casual


Twitter: 238

AriannwynHS: 80


That does it for this episode.  You can email the show at info@legendoftheinnkeeper.com.  You can also visit our website at legendoftheinnkeeper.com where we will post the show notes with the episode that has links to all the information we discussed.

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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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