LOTI 044 – The Hidden Laboratory, Kappa

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Hidden Laboratory, Kappa


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  I’m Vastidious, I’m Ariannwyn and I’m Espo.  We’re glad you could join us for our 44th episode.

This week we are talking about… Blackrock Mountains 5th and final wing, The Hidden Laboratory.


What did you do this week?

Top 3 favorite encounters in “all” of BrM

Vastidious – Mage Challenge,

Ariannwyn –

Espo –  Mage Challenge, Dark Iron Arena, Heroic Nefarian


1. May Ranked Play Card Back – Ninja Card Back

Wing 5: Hidden Lab

Normal Bosses

Boss #1: Omnotron Defense System

Hero Power: Activate Arcanotron!


Arcanotron – 0 mana, 2/2 mech, Both players have Spell Damage +2

Toxitron – 1 mana, 4/4 mech, At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to all other minions.

Electron – 3 mana, 6/6 mech, All spells cost (3) less.

Magmatron – 5 mana, 8/8 mech, Whenever a player plays a card, Magmatron deals 2 damage to them.

Reward: [Volcanic Drake] – 6 mana, 6/4 dragon, Costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn.


Boss #2: Maloriak

Hero Power: The Alchemist (Passive Hero Power: Minions’ Attack and Health are swapped.)

Reward: [Blackwing Corruptor] – 5 mana, 5/4 minion, Battlecry: If you’re holding a Dragon, deal 3 damage.


Boss #3: Atramedes

Hero Power: Echolocate – Equip a weapon that grows as your opponent plays cards.

Reward: [Drakonid Crusher] – 6 mana, 6/6 dragon, Battlecry: if your opponent has 15 or less Health, gain +3/+3


Boss #4: Nefarian

Hero Power: Bone Minions – Summon two 2/1 Bone Constructs

Reward: [Dragonkin Sorcerer] – 4 mana, 3/5 dragon, Whenever you target this minion with a spell, gain +1/+1.

Wing Reward: [Nefarian] – 9 mana, 8/8 dragon, Battlecry: Add 2 random spells to your hand (from your opponent’s class).

Heroic Bosses:

Boss #1: Omnotron

Hero Power: Activate Arcanotron

Boss #2: Maloriak

Hero Power: The Alchemist (Passive Hero Power: Minions’ Attack and Health are swapped. Your minions have +2/+2)

Boss #3: Atramedes

Hero Power: Echolocate (Equip a weapon that grows as your opponent plays cards.)

Boss #4: Nefarian

Hero Power: Bone Minions (Summon two 4/2 Bone Constructs)

Class Challenge: Paladin

Reward: [Solemn Vigil] – 5 mana, Draw 2 cards. Costs (1) less for each minion that died this turn.


Kinguin Pro League

Twenty of the best hearthstone players faced off against each other in the group stage of the Kinguin Pro League, however only six advance into the playoffs.

For round one in the playoffs, Lifecoach and Strifecro both received a bye and moved on to the semi-finals.  Firebat and Kolento will be playing against each other to advance, and Hyped and Sjow will be facing off in round one.

Blackrock Team Brawl

Team Archon is presenting a 3 day tournament “Blackrock Team Brawl” which will feature a unique 2vs2 format.

Our focus on this tournament is to create a cooperative experience between two players playing together against another pair. Playing with a friend has always been fun and we think that a cooperative format creates a new experience to see players playing against one another.

Competing Players:

Player A Player B Team
Firebat Eversiction Archon
Strifecro Kolento Cloud 9
Orange Freakeh Archon/DarkStar
RDU Thijs Nihilum
Sjow Neirea Liquid
Lifecoach Cupcake Nihilum / Copenhagen Wolves
Gaara Reckful Tempo Storm
Dog SuperJJ Complexity


Nvidia Pro/Am

Vastidious ended up having to forfeit this week due to the User Conference at work. We tried playing a day early but couldn’t get the game to start properly. We tried rescheduling the next day but I just couldn’t make it back in time.

Play it Cool


  • When? Friday May 1st at 20:00 until 20:30 CEST on Saturday May 2nd
  • Commentators: Frodan | Admirable | Kripp | Gnimsh | Lothar | Gaara
  • Players: Forsen | Savjz | Reynad | Kungen

How fast can a pro Hearthstone player climb the ranked ladder with a brand-new account? We’ll be answering this question in this 24-hour Hearthstone event, where participating players will have until 21:00 CEST to climb as high as possible. In addition to the main stream (for which professional commentary will be provided), Forsen, Savjz, Reynad andKungen will also be streaming from their point of view throughout the competition. With plenty of special activities and events planned to spice up things along the way, this definitely one to stay up for!

Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: None in US… But Australia is big, so I found some more there!

From Gg_midian

Great podcast, an amazing dynamic between hosts and some great tips for getting into the classes without breaking the bank.  Thanks so much for keeping me company on my commute to work, and for the hours of entertainment.  Keep up the good work.

A fun podcast to listen to, with a great dynamic. Perfect for the casual gamer and for those beginning their Hearthstone  adventure. I’ve just started playing the game this week, because it’s available on iPhone. Never CCG’s or TCG’s, and playing hearthstone on the PC didn’t appeal to me. Now I can play wherever I go, and I’m hooked! This is the podcast I found most helpful, and I’m on a mission to listen to all the episodes and get myself up-to-date. Thanks for all the content, looking forward to hearing more! Also, now my wife is playing too!! Cheers, Bleecker from Australia.


Facebook: Shoutout to Cyclosis for posting a pic of him on a beautiful bike ride while listening to Legend of the Innkeeper.

Twitter: This week on the Twitter, Vastidious got a bit busy with real life and Yong Woo had to remind him to back away from his desk. Following

Yong Woo‏@cataclyst78

@AriannwynHS @LotiPodcast I’m waiting. Can’t launch this thing if you’re still at your desk.


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Until next show, Happy gaming!


Music by James Marantettehttps://soundcloud.com/james-marantette

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