LOTI 030 : Did Espo Get 500 Wins?

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LOTI 030 – Legend of the Innkeeper – “Did Espo Get 500 Wins?”

Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper. I’m Vastidious, I’m Ariannwyn and I’m Espo. We’re glad you could join us for our 30th episode.

This week we are talking about…

What did you do this week?

Top Legendary Card of the week (That casual players should craft)02

Vastidious – Sneed’s Old Shredder (8 mana, 5/7 mech minion, Deathrattle: Summon a random legendary minion.

Ariannwyn – Ragnaros?

Espo – Dr. Boom


1. Big Changes Going On With LOTI

This week has seen some pretty big changes with our website. I moved over to a new design and started adding new content and features. The biggest of these new features is that you can now watch the Twitch stream right on the site. Just go to legendoftheinnkeeper.com/stream. I’ve also started adding in the YouTube videos on the site. The goal is to make it a one stop shop for everything LOTI.

We are working to add additional stuff all the time and will continue doing what we can.

Changes with Patreon.

Getting Better




Reviews and Emails

iTunes Reviews: Stuvypox – A very nice casual podcast

“This isn’t my favorite podcast about Hearthstone BUT it is very enjoyable and the hosts are all very cool. Very down to earth and seem like regular people that could live down the street from me, very casual. Some HS podcasts, the hosts can be kinda snooty. Not these guys (and girl). Also, Arianwynn sounds super cute and I hope to marry her someday. Pics plz??? 😉


Hi, love the show.

I used to feel like Ariannwyn when I would try to play arena and never had much fun with it. However, recently I have changed a few things that have made it more fun for me.

The first thing I did was to look at the value you get out of playing in the arena, even at 0 wins you get 1 pack and either a small amount of gold or a small amount of dust. If you get the dust, you end up with half a pack’s worth of dust. I determined the value of a pack by disenchanting all of the cards in a common pack, 4 commons and 1 rare, which is 40 dust. So by this logic even at zero wins you break even if you get the dust reward and you only loose a little if you get the gold reward. For me that mindset allowed me to relax a lot more in arena and not worry so much about every loss, which increase the amount of fun that I had, and also allowed me to play better because I wasn’t as worried.

Second I also like to learn my deck on the fly and felt like I never had a good handle on the deck that I built. So after I finished drafting I would screenshot my decklist and then recreate it as best I could in constructed. In some cases when I had more than 2 of 1 card I would have to improvise with a substitution, but for the most part I got the main part of the deck copied. Then I would play a couple games with that deck in ranked or casual to see how it fared and to get a general sense for the deck. When I went back into arena and played for real with the deck I had a lot more confidence in my knowledge of the deck.

I used to hardly get past 1 or 2 wins, lately I have been getting up to 4 and once as high as 6 wins, and almost never end on 0 wins anymore.

I hope this will help you and the other listeners enjoy arena a bit more.

Thanks for the show and keep up the good work.


Denis, – Love the podcast 🙂

Hey guys! Just subscribed to the podcast. I’ve been playing Hearthstone for some time now (about 8 months) and got really into it.

Started following some of the streamers and all but I was REALLY missing some sort of content focused on “real” people. People who rather have fun than play the same zoo netdeck hours in trying to hit Legend every month.

The competitive decks are cool and all, but for casuals, Hearthstone is about fun. I’d love to add you guys and play some random games or themed gimmicky decks like TotalBiscuit does.

Keep up the awesome work 🙂




Great work on your podcast I enjoy it a lot. I am a casual player and mostly just enjoy arena runs. I try to do two a week and have made 12 wins three times /cheer!!! The last 12 win run was followed up by a 1 and 3 run which happens 🙁 I would like all three of you to add me to friends as I enjoy peeking over shoulders and throwing a few challenges out now and then. Keep up the good work. Cheers Chris


Alex in Malaysia,

I love listening to you guys open packs on air. Can’t believe you got a legendary first go. That’s insane! I got my 2nd Ysera yesterday, would have fathered Uncle Tony.

Looking forward to hear your top legendaries. Could Gruul be making an appearance?



Hey guys,

I love your show. Absolutely. It’s exactly what I was looking for. The other show, with Dillz, was just not my bag. So much of it flew above my head and I just couldn’t understand anything they were talking about. I love how you guys just get right to the point. The info I need is right there and you guys are hilarious in your back and forth banter. A perfect Hearthstone Podcast. I have no reason to look elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

PS: I’m stuck at level 20 and I keep getting my aggro Hunter deck butt-kicked :/ . I’ll never give up!! May switch to a different hero. Which do you recommend?



Hey guys! Wondering if I can add you guys on HS?! It sounds weird but I actually listened to your guys’ podcast before I started playing HS. I really like podcasts when Im at work (Im a janitor at a school) and I wanted to try HS so I decided to look up some podcasts on it and I found you guys. Im so glad I did because Ive found a new love for TCG’s. HS especially. Thank you guys, keep it up and hopefully a boat load of new followers and listeners come your way.



I wanted to start by saying I enjoy listening to your show keep up the great work.

When I started playing Hearthstone I only liked playing casually, even though I would jump into ranked and see how far I could go, I usually would revert back to casual.

However a few months ago (September), casual was just not fulfilling enough, so I started to only play ranked. Funny thing is I play ranked in a casual manor, I’m not concerned with becoming a Legendary player. I see what it takes to get their and I don’t have that kind of time on my hands. So for me it’s just personal goals. I have kept track of all my season results, so I can see if I’m getting better or worse or what kind of trends I’m hitting.

I was wondering if we could friend up so we can have some games from time to time.




Hi, This is James, aka Grommok. I am A 42 yr old, African American, Desert Storm Vet and lifelong gamer…well since 1979… I just want to say how happy I am with your podcast. I really enjoyed Vastidious’ story of how he had Ari on his lap as he played computer games. That reminded me of how my Autistic little brother would watch me play video games in the late 1980’s. He is highly functional now and thanks me for letting him play and watch as through gaming he was able to concentrate and learn to read, etc. Oh and I would describe myself as a hardcore causal Hearthstoner as I have not made it beyond Lvl 16 even though I have quite a few Legendaries.



Heya! My name is Thomas. I am a huge fan of your podcast and an avid hearthstone/blizzard player.

I really wanted to express my appreciation and admiration for what you guys do. As a gamer, I know what you do is largely for your entertainment – but your contributions to the Hearthstone community is unique and very much needed. I have been listening to you guys from the beginning and have really enjoyed your focus on the casual players. In particular, i have really liked the way you guys have extended and encouraged friendships to form with your viewers. You three are a great team, and i hope you guys are able to keep doing what you do.

It would be great if we could be friends and could play sometime!

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Until next show, Happy gaming!


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