LOTI 005 : Naxxramas is Calling

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#005 – Legend of the Innkeeper – “Naxxramas Calling”


Welcome to the Legend of the Innkeeper.  I’m Vastidious and I’m Ariannwyn.  We’re glad you could join us for our fifth episode.

This week we are talking about…



What did you do this week?

– Worked on getting card backs for Asia and Europe accounts

– A few Arena runs

– Naxx


1. Contest winner – Pneuma

2. Naxx Released

We nailed the release date perfectly.  It came out on Tuesday, while we were on a plane crossing the country.

3. Launch Problems

There were very few problems with the launch.  Some players were experiencing crashing issues and many were experiencing lag.  Seems to have cleared up at this point.

4. iPad Improvements with new version

You might not have read about this, but with this update came some dramatic improvements on the iPad client.  iPad mini (1st gen) and iPad 2 users will see the most improvement.  They do recommend minimizing how many apps are running and keep some free space open on your iPad for better performance.

Naxxramas Discussion

1. Initial Thoughts

– Very difficult at first until you get the basic idea of how to counter it.

– Heroic is extremely hard (until you figure it out)

– Class Quests were fairly easy using the deck I beat normal on.

– Maybe it would have been better to release all at the same time?  Or not.

2. What People Are Saying

– People on the forums have clarified that this is not an expansion but a solo adventure mode.  Blizzard has stated that there will be an expansion in the future.  This is important to understand because it helps set proper expectations.

– Lots of people saying “I beat everything in 30 mins” or “I beat all but the last heroic boss in one try”.  This makes me feel stupid.  But there is the question of how truthful people are being.

– A lot feel that it was ‘underwhelming’, which I agree with so far.  It seems very shallow.  Once I’ve beaten one of the bosses, I almost don’t want to go back and do it again.

– Many not happy with basically no rewards going through the bosses other than a few cards.  No gold.  Also not replayability because of this.

– Sounds like the Zoo deck is one of the better decks against the Naxx AI in this wing.

3. Most Hated Cards / Liked Cards

Which cards do you despise seeing played by the AI?

Which ones do you like seeing played/playing?

Echoing Ooze

4. Beating Heroic Mode

There are several different decks people are posting that they used to beat Naxx.  However, what I find most interesting, especially for our audience, are the ones that are made up of common or cheap cards.  Decks that casual players can make.  I do want to state that I would recommend you keep trying to beat it on your own before looking up decks.  If you find a way to beat it on your own you learn more in the process and have more pride once you succeed.  It also allows the content to last you a little longer until the next wing is released.  If you look up decks you will blow through the content and might find yourself disappointed.

If you want to look up decks anyway, I found a few links that may help you if you are having problems with beating Naxx.



http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/13506991246 – F2P Hunter Deck

Naxxramas Board Secrets – http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/2bfo2z/spoilers_secrets_of_the_naxxramas_board_image/

Reviews and Emails

5 star – RThompson80 – Love the show made my work day fly by.  Keep it up.


That does it for this episode.  You can email the show at info@legendoftheinnkeeper.com.  You can also visit our website at legendoftheinnkeeper.com where we will post the show notes with the episode that has links to all the information we discussed.

You can follow the show on Twitter @LOTIpodcast

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Until next show, Happy gaming!

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Vastidious is a long time gamer, father to Ariannwyn and doesn't read the text on the cards.


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