LOTI 001 : Kicking Off The Podcast

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Legend of the Innkeeper podcast.  In this episode, we introduce ourselves and give a little background into what we are about.  We also discuss our favorite aspects of the game and our favorite class.

We then talk a little bit about news around the game including Dreamhack and the new cards that will be coming out in the upcoming expanion, Curse of Naxxramas.

Then we talk a little about how you can become a better player with tips, ideas and strategies.  Ariannwyn mentioned a quiz you can take to help you learn the cars over at Icy Veins.  Icy Veins Hearthstone Quiz.

Decks mentioned in this episode:

Tempo Warrior



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Vastidious is a long time gamer, father to Ariannwyn and doesn't read the text on the cards.

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