EXTRA: LootBox #03

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  • Competitive play season 2 now has skill tiers. 1-5,000 instead of 1-100 scale. Sudden death is gone, instead, matches that are tied when the clock runs out end in a draw- though, it should be a rare occurrence. Vast: I have a comment about this one
  • Eichenwalde- new map! It’s an assault/escort map. Reinhardt’s home.
  • When activating the “Ultimate Status” command, Symmetra now reports the number of charges left on her teleporter. I didn’t know this!
  • When activating the “Need healing” command while targeting a teammate, Ana, Lucio, Mercy and Zenyatta will now tell the allies to group up to receive healing. A marker will also appear above the player’s head, allowing teammates to locate the healer more quickly.
  • Added Torbjorn as an AI-controlled hero in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI and Custom game modes.
  • Sit and laugh emotes now unlockable for all heroes
  • New Legendary skins for Reinhardt

Skill Rating Tiers for competitive:

Bronze – 1-1,499

Silver – 1,500-1,999

Gold – 2,000-2,499

Platinum – 2,500-2,999

*Diamond – 3,000-3,499

**Master – 3,500 – 3,999

**Grandmaster – 4,000-5,000

**Master and Grandmaster are the only ones that can drop their tier if they fall below the cutoff.

*Players in Diamond, Master and Grandmaster tiers that haven’t participated in a competitive match for 7 days will lose skill rating. Also, players with a skill rating above 3,000 (Diamond and higher) will lose 50 rating points every 24hrs, but there rating will not fall below 3,000. Competing in a single match will halt skill rating decay.

  • Existing competitive points saved from season 1 will be multiplied by 10
  • After winning a competitive match, players will now receive 10 comp points (instead of 1)
  • You will get 3 competitive points for a Draw
  • The price of golden weapons has been upped from 300 to 3,000
  • DDOS Attacks – lately we’ve seen several attacks happening against Blizzard (Another happened today (9/20)

Getting Better


  • Play with friends on Group/Team Chat

Hints and Tips


  • Plan your ultimates with your team to hit at the same time for extra damage.


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Great show for everyone!

Nick Lindy from United States


Loti is my favorite Overwatch Podcast. Definitely my go to show every week. Oh and the Hearthstone content is great too!


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