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Blackrock Mountain Adventure

logoWelcome to our Blackrock Mountain guide, where we will maintain a collection of all that you need to know about the upcoming adventure content. We will include information on pricing, release schedule, collectable cards, boss encounters, heroic mode and card backs as it becomes available.


Blizzard announced at PaxEast, the next Adventure for Hearthstone, Black Rock Mountain. It’s scheduled to come out in April of 2015 with Pre-orders starting around March 19th-20th. If you pre-order you will get a special card back design. There are 5 wings, each purchasable for 700 gold or $6.99 USD each. You can buy them all at once for $24.99.  One wing will be released each week, just like they did for Naxxramas.  There are 31 cards that will be coming out with this adventure which you get by defeating bosses and winning challenges.  Lots of dragons and Dark Iron dwarves will be found in the depths.

Blackrock Mountain Cinematic Trailer

Release Schedule

Pre-ordering will start around March 19th. If you pre-order you will obtain the special card back.

The actual release will be in April of 2015 starting with the first wing, Blackrock Depths. After that, another wing will be released each week for a total of 5 weeks. Below is the listing of the wings:

  • First Wing – Blackrock Depths – April 2015
  • Second Wing – Molten Core – A week later
  • Third Wing – Blackrock Spire – A week later
  • Forth Wing – Blackwing Lair – A week later
  • Fifth Wing – Hidden Lab – A week later
WingBossHero PowerRewardClass ChallengeChallenge Reward
Blackrock Depths
(Week 1)
Coren DirebrewPile On!Grim PatronHunterQuick Shot
High Justice GrimstoneJeering Crowd
Dark Iron Spectator
Gang UpMageDragon's Breath
Emperor ThaurissanPower of the Firelord
Moira Bronzebeard
Molten Core
(Week 2)
GarrMagma PulseDruid of the FlameShamanLava Shock
Baron GeddonIgnite ManaBlackwing TechnicianWarriorAxe Flinger
Majordomo ExecutusThe Majordomo
Flamewaker Acolyte
Imp Gang Boss
Blackrock Spire
(Week 3)
Highlord OmokkME SMASHCore RagerDruidVolcanic Lumberer
General DrakkisathIntense GazeDragon ConsortPriestTwilight Whelp
Rend BlackhandOpen the Gates
Old Horde
Old Horde Orc
Dragon Egg
Blackwing Lair
(Week 4)
Razorgore the UntamedThe Rookery
Corrupted Egg
RevengeRogueDark Iron Skulker
Vaelastrasz the CorruptEssence of the RedFlamewakerWarlockDemonwrath
ChromaggusBrood Affliction
Brood Affliction: Red
Brood Affliction: Green
Brood Affliction: Blue
Brood Affliction: Black
Hungry Dragon
Lord Victor NefariusTrue Form
Wild Magic
Fireguard Destroyer
Hidden Lab
(Week 5)
Omnotron Defense SystemActivate!
Volcanic DrakePaladinSolemn Vigil
MaloriakThe AlchemistBlackwing Corruptor
AtramedesEcholocateDrakonid Crusher
NefarianBone Minions
Bone Construct
Dragonkin Sorcerer


Pricing was announced and is very similar to what Naxxramas was priced at. You can pre-order the adventure on March 19th or 20th, for $24.99. It was confirmed by Zeriyah (Hearthstone Community Manager) that in order to obtain the pre-order special card back, you must use cash. Gold purchases will not reward the pre-order card back. (source)

  • All five wings cost $24.99
  • If you already own the first wing, the remaining four are $19.99
  • If you already own the first two wings, the remaining three are $14.99
  • If you already own the first three wings, the remaining two are $9.99
  • Each individual wing can be purchased for $6.99 OR 700 gold each


New Cards

31 new cards will be released. The first five were shown at PaxEast. There will be 17 bosses to defeat, each with their own Hero power. When you defeat each boss, they will drop 2 copies of a new card for your collection.

Ben Brode said on Twitter that each class will have 2 class specific cards, one common and one rare. (source)

Blackwing TechnicianGrim PatronHungry DragonDark Iron SkulkerRend Blackhand

Lava ShockAxe FlingerDragon EggDragonkin SorcererFlamewaker

Core RagerImp Gang Boss

  • [Blackwing Technician]
  • [Dark Iron Skulker]
  • [Grim Patron]
  • [Hungry Dragon]
  • [Rend Blackhand]
  • [Lava Shock]
  • [Axe Flinger]
  • [Dragon Egg]
  • [Dragonkin Sorcerer]
  • [Flamewaker]
  • [Core Rager]
  • [Imp Gang Boss]
  • [Volcanic Lumberer]
  • [Druid of the Flame]
  • [Quick Shot]
  • [Dragon’s Breath]
  • [Dragon Consort]
  • [Solemn Vigil]
  • [Resurrect]
  • [Twilight Whelp]
  • [Gang Up]
  • [Fireguard Destroyer]
  • [Demonwrath]
  • [Revenge]
  • [Majordomo Executus]
  • [Nefarian]
  • [Chromaggus]
  • [Emperor Thaurissan]
  • [Drakonid Crusher]
  • [Volcanic Drake]
  • [Blackwing Corruptor]

Golden Cards

Golden cards will be the same as they were for the Naxxramas Adventure:

  • Golden versions of the Blackrock mountain cards are only going to be available through crafting.
  • You must obtain the normal version of the card before you can craft the golden version..
  • Golden neutral and Legendary cards can be crafted after defeating the respective wings.
  • Golden class challenge cards can be crafted after defeating their respective class challenge.
  • Costs for crafting the golden version of the cards is the same as regular crafted golden cards (400 dust for common, 800 dust for rare, 1600 dust for epic, and 3200 dust for Legendary)

Heroic Mode

Heroic mode becomes unlocked after you defeat a boss on normal mode. If you defeat all the Blackrock Mountain bosses on Heroic difficulty, you will receive a special card back.

Class Challenges

Class challenges unlock after you defeat specific wings on normal mode. Each class has their own class challenge and once you defeat that challenge, you unlock 2 copies of a class-specific card. Each class challenge uses a pre-constructed deck selected by Blizzard against a particular boss. The first revealed class challenge reward, is the Rogue – [Dark Iron Skulker]

Rogue Class Cards

Dark Iron Skulker

Shaman Class Cards

Lava Shock

More details on Lava Shock – It resets your overload on the current turn, and your next turn.

However, it only clears mana that is currently locked or will be locked on the next turn. If you play Lava Shock and then play another card with Overload, it will still have Overload on the next turn. You have to think ahead about the order in which you play the cards. (Source)

So turn 10, overloaded 3, you play Doomhammer + Lava Shock. Lava Shock lets you use the 3, plus full mana next turn?
Yes. (Source)

Ben Brode Also said – “It clears all locks, current and future.” (source)

And then he further clarified that it “no, sorry,I meant locks for this turn and for next turn (that already exist)” – (source)

Warrior Class Cards

Axe Flinger

Mage Class Cards


Hunter Class Cards

Core Rager

Warlock Class Cards

Imp Gang Boss


Rise of the Dragons

This adventure features a new theme using the Dragon minion type. What has been shown so far are cards like, Blackwing Technician and Rend Blackhand that have Battlecries that are triggered if you are holding a Dragon in your hand. We will likely see additional benefits or draw backs centered around the Dragon type cards in the future card reveals.

Fire Elementals

Fire Elementals are mentioned as being a part of this adventure. No details have been revealed to date.

Dark Iron Dwarves

Players that enter the adventure will immediately be greeted by the Dark Iron Dwarves that dwell deep within the depths Blackrock Mountain. They’re a bit hot-headed, but can you blame them; there’s no air conditioning in Blackrock Depths! If you’re thinking about grabbing a refreshment at the Grim Guzzler Bar while you’re there, keep your cards ready – a good ol’ fashioned Hearthstone brawl could break out at any time! (source)

Dark Iron Dwarves are another important piece that revolves around the Blackrock Mountain area in World of Warcraft and has been mentioned already in the announcement. More details to follow.

Blackrock Orcs

Blackrock Orcs are mentioned as being a part of this adventure. No details have been revealed to date.


There are seventeen bosses in the adventure in five separate wings. Each wing is a different area in Blackrock Mountain.



New Card Backs

If you pre-order Blackrock Mountain, you will get the Bonus card back. If you achieve rank 20 in March, you get the Ragnaros card back. And if you complete Heroic Blackrock Mountain, you will get a third card back.

Card Backs


New Board

There will be a new board for play with Blackrock Mountain. It’s an amazing look at deep inside Blackrock Mountain with lots of magma and flames. As expected there will be numerous clickable actions available on the board. Zeriyah posted a video showing a clickable periscope coming out of the left most lava pool!

Update: We now know a little more about the clickable actions on the gameboard.

  • Upper Left: Clickable Runes & Lava Oddities
    • Weird things appear in the lava
      • Rubber bath pony confirmed
      • Periscope
    • The hammer can be brought back down
  • Upper Right: Control the lava flow
    • Uncork the pool of lava to get rid of it all
    • Cork it and pull the chain to refill it
  • Bottom Left: Forge Weapons
    • Weapons change shape
    • You can cool the anvil down with water
  • Bottom Right: Spawn Whelps
    • If there is no whelp in the egg, it just cracks


New board


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